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The majority of fast-moving businesses today are not new to Augmented Reality (AR).
They are all trying to use this WOW kind of tech to promote, or to improve brand awareness.
It became easier due to the AR apps. We are here to help build one (or two) for you.

AR expertise and experiments

Augmented Reality (AR) has already become essential for businesses worldwide. Huge corporates, like Google and Apple, have already adopted it and have developed toolkits like ARKit and ARCore and such, to create an enhanced technology. There are some ready-made libraries and ‘stock’ solutions for a fast start. Have an idea or just want to give your business a fresh boost, let's do something realistic together!

Augmented Reality benefits for your business

WOW effect:
impress your target

Improved brand

Boosted sales
& increased revenue

Highly engaged

Hands-on interactive


Featured projects

CHI Software team brings own internal ideas to projects



Chess is our favorite office game. This AR app gives a new life to the classic game, moving it to ‘new dimension’. With a cool 3D design and improved functionality, it’s now more realistic than ever.


  • CocoaTouch
  • ARKit
  • SceneKit
  • RealmSwift
  • Core Graphics
  • Core Animation
  • Multi Touch

Technologies we use to create AR apps



To create an app you need modern and fast programming language. Created by Apple, Swift is now supported on beyond Apple platforms.


ARKit SDK simplifies an AR experience building and combines device motion tracking, camera scene capture, and advanced scene processing.


This high-level 3D graphics framework helps you create different 3D animated scenes and effects in your applications. Easy add realistic.



The new programming language admitted by Google as a 2nd one authorized language for Android development. Fast, modern, easy to support.


This Google platform comes with environmental understanding, motion tracking and scaling light estimation features for AR apps building.


It’s a free and easy to use engine for building AR apps with multiple targets tracking and interaction, 3D object tracking, and more.


Open Graphics Library (OpenGL) is a cross-language, cross-platform API for supporting high-performance 2D and 3D graphics in your AR app.

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