AI & Machine Learning

Machine Learning takes part in the accelerated development of technologies. Here you can discover the advantages of AI and ML across many areas of the business.

Machine learning in dynamic pricing: CHI Software’s experience 

One of the critical decisions a company makes about a product is its price. Nowadays, merchants require sophisticated pricing strategies to succeed in a highly competitive marketplace and satisfy all consumers' needs. Businesses face two key challenges: optimizing prices and managing income in a constantly changing environment. So, companies use a strategy called dynamic pricing to solve them simultaneously.   The method's efficiency can be noticeably increased with artificial intelligence (AI)...

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AI and Voice Recognition Technology: Question of Trust

Many have invested in voice technologies driven by artificial intelligence, abbreviated as AI. Now it produces accurate responses that aim to mirror human reactions acutely. Artificial intelligence and voice recognition technology has now become more ubiquitous and accepted by major enterprises, start-ups, and governmental industries. However, this hasn’t been free of trust concerns. While these voice technology products have gained...

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