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CHI Software Took Part in the International Industrial Fair Kobe 2022

CHI Software participated in the International Industrial Fair in Kobe, Japan. The event took place on September 1-2, 2022 and united experts and exhibitors from numerous domains, such as environment/energy, healthcare, manufacturing, aerospace, robotics/AI/IoT, etc. This time, the fair’s topic was “Opening up the future, moving the future”, presented in the form of lectures, seminars, networking events, and others. The...

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AI Summit London 2022: Exploring the Impact of AI Transformation on Our Lives and Business Operations

On June 15-16, the annual AI Summit took place in London. A great number of delegates gathered to discuss Artificial Intelligence and opportunities it brings to business. This AI-focused event was a part of London Tech Week 2022, one of the biggest tech conferences in Europe. Specializing in AI innovations, CHI Software representatives couldn’t miss an opportunity to participate in...

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