Categories: Web, Cloud
Industry: Insurtech

Air Scouting app


To help farmers take Precision Agriculture (PA) approach and increase their efficiency by using latest technologies.


A cloud-based Air Scouting Application provides farmers with an access to the real-time data about their farmlands. The app analyzes data received from the sensors mounted around the fields and photo or video streamed from drones. If the system receives data about critical changes of soil or air temperature and humidity and unusual activities in the area, it sends a notification to the user’s device. In addition, the system monitors weather forecast, sends weather warnings and makes predictions about risky areas.


Scala, Play Framework, Activator, Akka,Slick, Casbah, SecureSocial, Spark, AngularJS, Bootstrap, OpenLayers, Geoserver, Postgres, MongoDB, Jelastic, Heroku, AWS, AWS S3, Elastic MapReduce, SBT.

Air scouting app screen for insurtech