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App for secure voice and video calls


To create an application for secure voice and video calls along with encrypted text communications.


The app provides secure voice and video calls together with encrypted text communications for people worldwide. It doesn’t depend on a current or future user’s location, anyone can always count on private and reliable conversations via this application. With its global network of nodes, the app finds the closest server so that the user experiences the best quality of audio and video conversations possible.
It’s easy to use one as it works like a regular phone. Thanks to secure end-to-end encryption between callers, all voice and video calls as well as text messages can only be decrypted at the intended device. The app uses ZRTP protocol for audio and video calls, and GPG for messaging and file transfer. Encryption Keys, generated on the mobile devices, prevent anyone from decrypting users’ conversations.


Android: Android NDK, SIP Telephony.
iOS: SIP, VoIP, Networking, UIKit, QuartzCore, AVFoundation, CoreVideo, CoreAudio (WatchOS, tvOS).

App for secure voice and video calls screen
App for secure voice and video calls screen