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Area Calculator 


To create an Augmented Reality app that makes it easy to measure different items using just a phone camera.


Area Calculator is a fast and accurate measurement tool for iPhone or iPad users. It helps to find out the exact area and perimeter of the figure of interest, and modeling the measured figure. The application allows measurements on both vertical and horizontal surfaces. Applicable for interior design field. In the first app version, a User can:

  • Select the desired metric units: meters, centimeters, feet, or inches;
  • Select 1 of 4 modes for object measurement:
    • Ruler (measure the lines on any horizontal or vertical surface)
    • Anchor (a virtual tape-measure for accurate measurements)
    • Plan (visualize your room to check for available space)
    • Distance (a mode to calculate separate distances and a total length)
  • Model the measured figure;
  • Calculate the area and perimeter of the measured figure;
  • Save all measurements history;
  • Add to the existing or create a new measures collection;
  • Share the results (screenshot, pdf, explanatory notes) via messengers and social networks.



Swift, ARKit, SceneKit, PDFKit, Social, Realm, UIKit.

Area Calculator screenshot
Area Calculator screenshot