Categories: Mobile, Embedded
Industry: Smart Solutions

Control power sockets


Sockets Control, as a part of a Smart House project, aims to make simple everyday tasks in a smart way, like turning On and Off the average home power supplies remotely and monitoring them with a single Android app.


A user can set and change the name of each socket, set the on & off time and date for controlled sockets and see the current hub status (either it is on/off or ‘Unknown’). A user is also capable to track any socket in real time. If there is no Internet connection, all information about hub and outlets is backed up on a server.


Java backend: Java 8, Spring (Spring Core, Spring Boot, Spring Data), Hibernate, PostgreSQL, Maven, Joda-time.
Android: Android SDK, Retrofit, Custom Calendar Widget.
Embedded: C++, libcurl, json-c.

Screen of the Control power sockets app
Screen of the Control power sockets app