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Industry: Travel&Booking

Flight ticket booking app


To create an application that simplifies the entire flight booking process to some clicks for both Android and iOS users.


This mobile application allows a user to find the lowest priced flights, book tickets from different airlines and check in using mobile phone with the app only. On a quick sign in, a user can search for the flight, check tickets availability, compare prices online and proceed with a fast and secure online booking.


Scala 2.11, Activator 1.2., Akka 2.3, Play 2.3.X SBT, Slick 3.0, Postgres, SecuritySocial.
Android: Retrofit, Realm, v4, v7, support design, EventBus, Jenkins, httpOk, joda Time, Android Chart, Libphonenumber, Stripe, Crashlytics, Twitter, Facebook.

Mobile flight ticket booking app screen
Mobile flight ticket booking app screen