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HTML Mobile App


To create both the Android and iOS apps to record content from different websites and interact with the recorded content.


It allows to watch different people’s screens with the ability to share, like, comment, add to the play or favorites lists (previously created). Note: the screen Chrome extension should be installed to proceed.
All the screens that are displayed in the Player are in HTML links format and everything is clickable. Every registered author has his own profile with 3 folders: Screens, Favorites, Playlists. The author can edit profile information, search for the wanted screen(s), playlist(s) or author(s), check their pages, add their screen(s) to own playlist(s), or favorites. Not-registered author has a Guest profile and limited access to the app functionality.


Angular 1, Yii2, Node JS.
iOS: Swift, REST API, CocoaTouch, UIKit, WebKit, AVKit, Autolayout, Deeplinking, Push notifications, Localizable API, ObjectMapper, Fabric, Firebase, Social Networks integration.
Android: RxJava, Room, js injections, Android lifecycles, Fabric, Firebase, ExoPlayer, Firebase remote conflict, custom views, animations, FCM, Social Networks integration.

HTML Mobile App screen
HTML Mobile App screen