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HTML Mobile Recorder 


This Mobile Recorder is intended to record different websites info, the voice, and the broadcast from the camera during the recording process.


When recording process is finished - all information about the recording title and description will be filled automatically by grabbing this info from the last recorded tab website’s metadata. Image previews will be grabbed from each tab during the recording process and will be suggested to the user for adding. But, anyway, a user can edit the information about the recorded screen, set the privacy, choose its category and add 5 image previews that he wants.
The main feature is that during the watching everything will be interactive, all the buttons are clickable and it's possible to tap on all the input fields.


Vue.js, jQuery.
iOS: Swift, Networking, Screenlife technology, CoreData, Multithreading, AVFoundation, JSON.
Android: RxJava, SQLite, Room, Screenlife technology, Java Concurrency package (Executor, CountDownLatch, Atomic concepts), Camera 2 API, OpenGL rendering, MediaPlayer.
HTML Mobile Recorder app screen
HTML Mobile Recorder app and ScreenLife Player screen