Categories: Embedded, IoT
Industry: Smart Solutions

Touchless Navigation

Project description

This new no-touch app is built on the Android Things Developer Kit. It aims at improved touchless navigation within the content, newsfeed, weather forecast. We made our device sense the user's gestures and navigate through the app, by using APIs to control hardware peripherals. In order to interact with the content, to move the pages, a user needs to wave his/her hands in the needed directions: up, down, left, right.

Any news website can be used for the newsfeed. This app version has a weather forecast news from our location and updates from TechCrunch. In addition to these features, Android Things platform allows developers to easily integrate their connected devices with popular Google APIs and services, such as the Google Assistant, Google Cloud, and TensorFlow.


2 developers.


5 days.


Android Things Starter Kit (Rainbow Hat drivers for ABCbuttons, ABCleds, Buzzer, Digit Display, Ledstrip), Google Android Things, Camera 2 API, Open CV, OpenWeatherMap API, News API, NewHandwave library, Koin, Retrofit 2, Kotlin Coroutine Adapter, Glide, IpAPI.

Business Value

An opportunity to switch pages/content by movement, that opens more possibilities to use free-hand mode; simple integration with similar devices/services.

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