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 Unified social agent


To create a combined version of 4 famous social networks such as Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, and Pinterest.


The app is a fusion of the most popular social networks. Its users can upload photos and videos, share and comment, enjoying visually intriguing and enormously intuitive interface. The users can also choose to follow different personalities, i.e. sports stars and celebrities as well as pick up interesting topics from the list. In order to maximize the experience and access photostream, location services should be enabled.
One more aspect of the app functionality (for iPhone users) is the ability to move forward and backward. The user can move to the next image with a swipe across the screen or with a touch on an arrow button at the bottom of the screen for each photo or video.


Reveal, Fabric, Crashlytics, BugSense, FacebookSDK, OpenCV2, Moblin, CoreText, MessageUI, AddressBook, MapKit, MediaPlayer, AudioToolbox, Accelerate, OpenGLES, Social, AdSupport, Twitter, Accounts, CFNetwork, CoreTelephony, Security, ImageIO, CoreImage, MobileCoreService, SystemConfiguration, CoreVideo, CoreMedia, AssetsLibrary, MobileCoreService, QuartzCore, CoreLocation, CoreData, CoreGraphics, SenTestingKit, Pods.

Screen of the Unified social agent
Screen of the Unified social agent