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Project background

A telemedicine startup with a big idea to digitalize this sphere: from the healthcare marketplace to healthcare communication platform with real-time video calls between doctors/physicians and their patients, and more 

The pandemic accelerated the process of contactless access to drugs and healthcare apps for patients. Pharma B2C businesses in the countries with an imperfect legislative system concerning sales of medicines received relief and opportunity to reach the customer faster. Namely, they can now offer to shop healthcare marketplace online. Under quarantine and after, many countries allowed distance selling of drugs to the public over the internet.  

Our customer is a telemedicine startup willing to change the outdated healthcare sector, digitalize and thus improve the customer experience: from pharm marketplace to real-time video calls between doctors/physicians and their patients and more.   

The client’s main idea was to create an automated app for healthcare professionals that has a huge amount of diverse functionality for this sector, for both patients and doctors/physicians. It all started with a healthcare marketplace, and then we added new helpful functionalities: online consultations with doctors/physicians via video chat, a forum with articles on medical topics, a directory of medical institutions, and more.   


iOS, Android, WebRTC SDC, JavaScript, Java.  

Business challenges 

  • To deploy a new environment on the client’s physical servers. According to GDPR rules in Kazakhstan, they cannot use any cloud solutions, i.e. from Azure, or AWS. Therefore, all data should be stored and processed on physical servers only.   
  • To create and support a high-load healthcare data platform with a large number of end-users.    
  • To find a team for custom healthcare app development and sync all platforms of interest: web, desktop, native mobile.  


Product Discovery, MVP development, custom software development, native mobile app development, marketplace development, UI/UX design   


The customer’s team was full of ideas on the functionality of this platform for healthcare; therefore, an effective way of interaction was Agile. That’s why the project was divided into several phases or user stories.    

For the same reason of changing requirements, we suggested the customer drop the idea of ready-made or out-of-the-box solutions that are hard to customize for new features.  

CHI Software Business Analysts together with the Design team consulted with the medical specialists to make the workflow of the healthcare app as smooth as possible.   

We came up with a complex telemedicine solution, or a custom platform for healthcare that covers the entire process of sector digitalization.  


  • We conducted a profound Product Discovery phase with competitors and market research, analysis of the best practices, and offered project estimation.  
  • The CHI team also created all needed project documentation including product specification and technical documentation.
  • We provided custom healthcare app development. Our team created 2 native mobile apps: for Android and iOS users.  
  • Our web team created a responsive healthcare marketplace on Magento. 
  • We created a convenient Admin Panel to manage the solution.
  • Our design team offered an adaptive UI/UX design for all involved platforms. Moreover, we designed a system where it’s easy to change the entire UI kit, saving time and money for our customer.      
  • Our DevOps Engineer deployed a stable environment on physical servers without breaking cloud restrictions.   
  • We came up with an animated prototype of the healthcare platform for the customer to complete the MVP stage.   

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