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Customizable travel insurance app

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Categories: Mobile, Web INDUSTRY: Travel & Booking

Project background

The client is a well-known UK travel company. Travel insurance covers the expenses incurred and minimizes the risks during travel. It acts as a cushion in trip cancellation due to a medical emergency, loss of baggage, evacuation due to medical conditions or hijack, and loss of travel documents, among others 

Our client had a high-load travel web portal with numerous end-users. The customer wanted to create a travel insurance app to cover all platforms and especially mobile devices. The main idea was to provide the web platform users with a new mobile experience and give them an opportunity to issue an insurance policy, claim it or cancel travelersinsurance on the go 


Node.js, Dart/Flutter, Ingenico payment gateway integration, AWS S3, AWS EC2 

Business challenges   

  • This client needed a real-time insurance app from scratch, starting with a business process of obtaining insurance for a tourist and scripting many possible scenarios. 
  • The client was looking for a professional, dedicated development team to offer his business the best travel insurance solution. 
  • Our team suggested cross-platform app development on Flutter to cover all platforms and save clients time and money on native apps development.  
  • The client also needed an experienced Product Owner to manage the remote teams from Great Britain, Belgium, Argentina, and Ukraine in close cooperation with the business owners.  
  • Finally, the client was looking for effective integration of his travel insurance solution with popular payment systems.  



MVP development, cross-platform apps development, UI/UX design, software testing, product support  


The client’s team had many ideas for travel app features, so the most effective way was to organize our work according to Agile methodology with 2-week sprints.  

Our BA and QA team  gathered, analyzed, and processed many user stories from a UX perspective and insurance policy requirements. For instance, what happens with travelers’ insurance claims if the app User is an elderly or a teen, possible reasons for insurance cancellation, the requirements, and what travel insurance covers.  

CHI development team also had an in-house Project Manager. He was in charge of all distributed teams and took an active part in product development.    


  • We gathered a large development team fast, within a week;  
  • We analyzed and offered an effective cross-platform solution for travel insurance provider; 
  • Our Business Analysts and QA experts worked out many travel insurance scenarios of the app; 
  • We created and released a stable cross-platform app on Flutter from scratch; 
  • From the UI/UX side, we tested the best business flow and development; 
  • Our Product Owner handled communication among four international teams from Belgium, Great Britain, Argentina, and Ukraine. 
  • We successfully integrated the Ingenico payment gateway; 
  • We minimized the paperwork and boosted customer satisfaction.
  • We completed MVP design and development and presented a working prototype to our client.  

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