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      What is the target audience of your product?
      Can you provide references or product examples similar to your software development idea?
      Which product features are the most important ?
      What countries will the product cover?
      Is it a new or ongoing project? If the project is not new, could you share the initial code?
    2. Project and client details
      What cooperation model are you interested in?
      Could you be more specific about the kind of services you need?
      What is your development goal?
      Do you have any deadlines?
      Do you have any budget limits?
    3. Technical details
      What type of application do you need?

      A native mobile app for iOS or/and Android users or a hybrid app to cover all platforms (Flutter framework). Choosing one or the other has long-term implications regarding cost, time, and functionality.

      Native apps are still the best choice when it comes to user experience and performance. While they are more costly, you’ll receive lower defect rates and better visuals.

      Cross-platform apps are easy and quick to build, but it’ll take more effort to deliver an equivalent user experience on the respective platform.

      You should choose native development if:
      • You want to build highly responsive mobile app;
      • Your app requires full access to the smartphone’s services and resources;
      • You want to take full advantage of the mobile phone hardware;
      • You want an app that can be easily updated with new features.
      You should choose cross-platform development if:
      • You are OK to receive a less responsive app;
      • Your app does not have a complicated logic or anycomplex animation;
      • You are pressed for time and budget to validate the app idea.
      What type of solution do you need?
      Do you have any preferences for a technology stack?
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