CHI Software continues to increase its expertise, and it is noted by solid specialized platforms such as TopDevelopers.co. In a press release issued on January 20, 2021, in San Francisco (CA), we have been named one of Lavarel’s leading development companies. TopDevelopers.co has ranked over 1600 vendors offering solutions for various business domains and has chosen the most experienced providers through an exclusive analysis. 

CHI Software ranked 32nd on the list of Top Laravel Development Companies of January 2021. The first 50 positions in the rating were given to providers able to unleash the framework’s capabilities the best and offer customers easy-to-maintain, stable, and efficient sites and web applications based on Laravel. 

When compiling the list, the platform relied on the following criteria: 

  • Deep knowledge in the field of using the framework to create solutions in different domains, 
  • Skills in implementing the necessary functions using Laravel as one of the technical tools for web development, 
  • Compliance with all project requirements in a ready-made solution, etc. 

Getting on the industry-leading list proves that our company has the deep scientific and technical expertise, practical experience and can provide accurate results to meet all the project requirements. We are grateful to TopDevelopers.co for the high appraisal of our work and are in a hurry to conquer new professional heights! 

About TopDevelopers.co: 

The platform is a specialized catalog of providers of IT services for the B2B business sector. TopDevelopers.co conducts its own researches and market analysis, acting as a bridge between software companies and their clients worldwide. 

A platform is well-known among B2B business representativesTopDevelopers.co helps to simplify the launch of web and mobile application development processes and choose the most reliable and experienced contractor among the providers. 

Successfully applied!

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