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Secure and high-quality services have always been a priority for CHI Software, and now we can prove that it’s not just big words. Last month, the company received ISO 27001 “Information technology” and ISO 9001 “Quality Management Systems” certifications.

ISO 27001:2015 “Information Technology”

This is the most important security-focused standard. It ensures that enterprise data and processes are protected on the highest possible level. ISO 27001 can be applied to a business of any industry, but such niches as banking, IT, and telecommunications require it the most.

Why Is It Relevant?

When trends for digitalization and globalization are evolving, companies have to deal with the growing amounts of data. At the same time, cybercrimes never sleep, and their number grows in proportion to information. In such circumstances, companies need some preventive measures.

ISO 27001 helps to check the information management system as a whole and detect weak spots before they become a problem. This certification is convincing proof that a company knows how to handle the client’s sensitive data in a trustworthy way. 

ISO 9001:2015 “Quality Management Systems”

This is the most well-known standard that helps organizations to provide the product’s top-notch quality.

ISO 9001 is based on seven principles of quality management:

  1. Customer focus,
  2. Leadership,
  3. People engagement,
  4. Process approach,
  5. Improvement,
  6. Evidence-based decisions,
  7. Relationship management.

Depending on the organization, these points can be put in a different order according to market and business priorities.

Why Is It Relevant?

First off, this standard helps businesses keep product quality consistent and, therefore, gain market credibility. It demonstrates that a business puts customers in the first place on the priorities list. Additionally, following common quality principles improves operating efficiency and process integration.

We’re looking forward to sharing our services with startups and enterprises from different domains. With quality standards and an individual approach, we aim at building outstanding products that your customers will be eager to use. 

Here you’ll find info about other CHI Software achievements. There’s more to come!

About International Organization for Standardization (ISO)

ISO is a world-known organization that creates and publishes standards of different kinds (industrial, technical, and commercial). It was founded in 1947 and now is headquartered in Geneva, Switzerland.

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