01 Offshore dedicated development team

Facing individual project’s needs, CHI Software provides its customers with thoroughly selected technical experts. Our customers choose and have full control over the selected development team, managing team members as employees of the own companies. Such model is very productive and cost-effective at the same time.

02 Fixed price

Fixed price model suits projects with a clear plan, well-defined requirements and schedules. It sets the final budget in advance, though lacks some flexibility. CHI Software's business analysts and architects make proper project’s estimation, planning and delivery parts. Final price is a mutually agreed fixed amount.

03 Time and material

It is one of the most flexible models, as it is based on an hourly expert’s rate and time spent. So it suits the projects with an uncertain plan and/or new startup projects. The customer can implement changes to the project and development team while the work of all CHI Software’s experts is monitored via time tracking software.