Fixed price

It’s about your management risks reduction.

For MVP or small tasks only. Just set the budget.

What do you control?

Written budget

Predictable expenses
and final budget.

Predictable results

All tasks are agreed
at the initial stage.

Clear expenses

Payments just for the actual

When does it
really work?

  • MVP projects
  • Small businesses

- with a limited or fixed budget

- with an agreed timeframes

- with a clear requirements

What can you count on?

Minimal interaction

Requires minimum customer supervision.

Low risks

No losses for the client and full provider’s responsibility.

Fixed timeline

Deadlines discussed on start between the customer and provider.

How it works for your business?

Clear understanding

Fixed price allows understanding the development process, timelines, needed resources.

Determined requirements and goals

You know exactly which feature will be implemented upon completion of a certain period.

Fully implemented solutions

The development process, monitoring quality assurance are on the service provider's side.

How it happens:


  • send your request
  • sign NDA (if it’s required)
  • get pre-estimation and risk analysis


  • discuss project’s concept
  • get project plan and final estimation
  • sign an agreement
  • start the development process


  • design and development
  • quality assurance and testing
  • deployment and maintaining
  • project review and completion

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