Time and Material

Based on an hourly expert’s rate and time spent.

Add changes to your project on the go.

What do you control?

Flexible team

Possibility to add developers and build a team on the go.

Dynamic requirements

Projects are adaptable to scope changes.

Task prioritizing

You can prioritize tasks and add features after each sprint.

When does it
really work?

  • Mid-sized projects
  • Startups and product owners

- with an expensive resources

- with a limited budget for recruiting

- with a dynamic requirements

What can you count on?

Visible result

The ability to see the result at all stages of the development cycle.

Fast start

Minimum paperwork and team building during few days.

Transparent collaboration

Transparency of the rates during each implemented feature.

Smart approach

Negotiable budget

Opportunity to pay only for the performed work, and total price only depends on the hours spent.

Comfortable approach

T&M perfectly combines with modern agile methodologies and allows regular project management interaction with the provider.

Strong collaboration

Constant communication provides trusted relationships between partners and negotiable budget decreases numerous risks.

How it happens:


  • Share your project needs
  • Share technical requirements
  • Check available resources


  • Agree on rates and start date
  • Plan the development process
  • Sign an agreement
  • Start the development process


  • Design and development
  • Quality assurance and testing
  • Deployment and maintaining

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