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Adopt DevOps practices
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Our DevOps engineers devote their efforts to bring development and operation engineering practices together. They help increase the software delivery process's efficiency and quality and provide 24/7 support for your product.

DevOps Services

The CHI Software DevOps engineers make use of the best practices in software development and IT operations to help you design and build a scalable system that can be easily adjusted to the fast-changing environment and business requirements.

Your project benefits

when using DevOps services

Optimized development

Continuous integration /
continuous delivery

IT infrastructure

Stable development

Extensible toolset for
maximum flexibility

Automated solutions for every
stage of the project lifecycle

Improved workflow and
increased productivity

Reduced human errors
and higher product quality

DevOps is no longer a mere trend.

It's already adopted in most companies, both big and small. Keep up with your competitors.

DevOps Services include:

Implementing continuous
integration & continuous delivery

Tools: Jenkins, Travis CI

Integrating the changes frequently helps the development team identify issues and make improvements at early stage, thus delivering the end product faster and with better quality.

Building scalable, reliable, and
secure infrastructure in clouds

Platforms: AWS, Google Cloud, MS Azure

When moving business to the clouds, you can gain the ability to scale up and down quickly, reduce time to market, save cost on in-house data storage, and achieve improved security and flexibility.

Implementing Infrastructure
as Code (IaC)

Tools: Terraform, AWS CloudFormation

Embracing IaC, the project team gets access to a responsive and easy to reproducible IT environment with automated testing, deployment, and recovery processes.

Analysis and optimization
of existing environment

ELK Stack: Elasticsearch, Logstash, Kibana

Our DevOps experts monitor and analyze your existing environment to identify and prevent potential issues and implement all necessary changes in response to the changing business needs.


Platforms: Docker, Kubernetes, Docker Swarm

Adopting containers for the development process allows cost-efficient solutions, which can be easily portable across different platforms and environments.

24/7 support
& monitoring

Tools: Zabbix, New Relic, Grafana

Our professional support and maintenance team monitors your system to ensure that everything runs smoothly and stably. They are available to assist you with any troubles immediately.

Failover and
high availability

Tools: Full range of Clusters and Load Balancers

Applying the best practices, our DevOps team enhance your system availability, minimize downtime, and build robust disaster recovery and failover processes.


Tools: Kali Linux, WireShark

Trustworthy DevOps tools let them evaluate the system security and ensure that your data is well protected throughout the software development lifecycle.

Why should you hire DevOps engineers?

Deep knowledge of specific techniques, methodologies, and tools allows our engineers to identify the bottlenecks in the development process and come up with a customized approach to creating a reliable IT infrastructure and accelerating your project. DevOps engineers lead the team through the entire project lifecycle and facilitate efficient solutions for developing reliable, scalable, and secure software at a lower cost.

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