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Everything changed overnight for Ukrainian software development companies in many major cities of Ukraine. Following the terror attack of Russian troops on Feb 24, we are at war for almost a month now. Our initial task was to evacuate our staff from places under heavy fire to safe locations and make sure that the data of our clients is safe and secure. Our current steps are to bring the business processes back to normal or to pre-war conditions, supporting our country’s economy and army.

So now, we want to talk about the risks involved for our partners and clients, and the reasons why Ukrainian IT experts are still the best choice for your new or ongoing projects. 

What Are the Common Risks of Hiring Ukrainian Experts Now?

Regardless of location, war is one of the main force majeure in any official agreement. So what are the options to deal with it? The majority of Ukrainian IT companies have an updated contingency plan. This document consists of preventive measures and ways the companies take to stay ahead of the force majeure situation, like this military invasion.  

Let’s have a look at the main risks covered in our contingency plan:  

  • Team safety. 

One of our crucial responsibilities is people’s safety. We did our best to make sure that 90% of our employees and their families are in safe places now. Moreover, we customize our Lviv office to welcome more people from western and central Ukraine so they can stay and work.  

  • Cybersecurity.

Ukrainian territory was not the only target of Russian aggression. As per the United States Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) report, several malware attacks were made on Ukrainian companies in February to disrupt our businesses. Cybersecurity risks prevention is also among our top priorities. No client data was at risk then and is not at risk now! 

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Among the core security measures we take are:

  • Only secure connections are used for work via internal network resources and the transmission of confidential data across public networks: VPN connections, SSL/HTTPS connections, and encrypted mail messages. 
  • All confidential data on computers that are carried outside the CHI Software office (laptops,  computers of home workers) is encrypted. Encryption keys are duplicated in a safe backup.
  • All confidential data on hard disks are encrypted. Encryption keys are duplicated in a safe  backup.  
  • 256 bits is the minimum acceptable key length for symmetric encryption. 
  • 1024 bits is the minimum acceptable key length of asymmetric encryption.

Why Should You Trust Ukrainian IT Providers?

Now when we have discussed the risks, let’s talk about Pros and perspectives. First of all, this war will end soon. Trust us. We believe in our government and our strong army, so the victory day is coming. To end Russian aggression, we are working double hard on the home front to rebuild our beautiful cities, towns, bridges, and infrastructure, and bring our beloved families from abroad.

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So the main perspectives of working with Ukraine IT are the following: 

1. 101% readiness to work. Covid-19 has prepared our teams and management for effective remote work. Everyone at CHI Software is equipped with a laptop, stable Internet connection, the work is carried out in a safe cloud environment. We are sure that our partners’ and clients’ projects won’t pause even during possible force majeure.

2. Huge motivation of our people. We are united by one common aim as a nation like never before. All have their scope of work: army fights, businesses support the front with regular donations, IT community pays the taxes, and fights as an IT army. With staff safety solved, we are now bringing our business processes back to normal.

3. Young and flexible country’s government. As you have noticed, we have the most democratic and forward-thinking government in the world, who supports all types of innovations and creates great opportunities for businesses during tough war times. 

4. Expert skills of the IT army. The majority of IT companies are now looking forward to helping the country and army by doing their daily work. True, some software developers have joined the army, still, some are protecting the home front. So we ask our client and partners: let’s go on working, give us new projects, work is what we do best, bringing the victory day closer. 

5. Ukrainian brand. The whole world supports Ukraine and the Ukrainian people now! And we appreciate this help a lot. We already get immersive support from the international business, science, culture, sport, and IT community. Doing business with us means supporting freedom and fighting the Russian terror regime. Every day new businesses are joining the anti-aggressor initiative this way or another. You can also join this initiative and stand by us!   

A Friend in Need Is a Friend Indeed 

War is a tough theme. It’s heartbroken to read about Mariupol or Kharkiv, Kherson or Mykolaiv, about destroyed cities and lives. But we ask our readers, followers, clients, and partners to keep on following our news, share them with their network and community so no one will forget or adjust to this terrible war. 

Ukraine is fighting and we are winning. Let’s win this war together. 

Слава Україні!  

Successfully applied!

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