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The global rating platform has announced TOP-2021 of Artificial Intelligence (AI) services’ providers — and CHI Software takes leading positions in it!  

A global rating platform named its favorites in AI for B2B in a press release issued on March 2, 2021, by the Washington office (DC, United States). CHI Software was named one of the highest-ranking providers in the rating of 2021 B2B Leaders in the Artificial Intelligence Space. 

We have been included in two categories: 

  • Cognitive Computing Companies, where we took 2nd place; 
  • Natural Language Processing Companies, where we took 11th place. 

We are happy to highlight our new award and express deep gratitude to CHI Software’s clients who highly appreciated our work. We are ready to confirm the level of expertise every day and conquer new heights, creating customized smart products for our partners worldwide. CHI Software also wants to thank everyone who left feedback at Clutch about working with us. And we are ready for the next achievements! 

About the Rating of 2021 B2B Leaders in AI 

2021 B2B Leaders in the Artificial Intelligence Space list the highest-ranking providers across multiple categories. This rating is becoming more important since AI plays a significant role in enhancing the economy over the past decades and saving lives during the pandemic. 

Clutch has ranked the top service providers across various categories, such as cognitive computing, machine learning, natural language processing, chatbot development, and robotics. The analytical team used a rigorous selection methodology that focuses on a candidate’s expertise and ability to deliver.  

The research covers companies that have registered their profiles on Clutch. Results are a snapshot of the platform’s Leaders Matrices. Rankings are dynamic, and this report reflects the data on February 19, 2021. 



What is Clutch  

Clutch is a global B2B rating and reviews platform focused on IT business, marketing, and software services. It is used by more than 500,000 buyers and sellers per month, and the base is growing over 50 percent annually. According to Inc. Magazine, the platform is one of the 500 fastestgrowing U.S. companies. Clutch also has been included in the LinkedIn TOP-50 of startups.  

The company is known for verified client reviews for more than 150,000 globally and its dynamic data-driven leader rankings. The providers represented in Clutch’s reports are renowned for their innovative approach to IT services and development and high customer focus level. 

Our office awards collection will soon be replenished with a Clutch cup  stay tuned! 

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