Computer Vision Senior Engineer

The CHI Software team is not standing still. We love our job and give it one hundred percent of us! Every new project is a challenge that we face successfully. The only thing that can stop us is… Wait, it’s nothing! The number of projects is growing, and with them, our team too. And now we need a Computer Vision Senior Engineer.


  • MS/PhD degree in computer science or related field;
  • Deep knowledge and proven practical experience in a relevant field of research, such as machine learning, computer vision;
  • Solid Experience architecting and developing AI and machine learning applications;
  • Strong understanding of machine learning algorithms and deep networks;
  • Experience with some of the well-known neural networks architectures such as Yolo/SSD, MobileNet, U-Net, Hourglass, RetinaNet, R-CNN-based architectures;
  • Strong knowledge in machine learning fundamentals i.e. regression models, decision trees, naïve Bayes, clustering algorithms (k-means, DBSCAN, SOM), dimensionality reduction (PCA, t-SNE) and a good grasp of the strengths and weaknesses of specific approaches. A good foundation in basic statistics and linear algebra;
  • Strong knowledge in classical computer vision fundamentals i.e. OpticalFlow, HOG, feature detection algorithms, Hough Transform, Homography, Morphology, Denoising/Deblurring, and image processing algorithms;
  • Strong Python knowledge;
  • Strong practical experience with DL/CV frameworks like OpenCV, PyTorch, Tensorflow, MXNet or Keras;
  • Comprehensive knowledge of the Python data analyses ecosystem (Pandas, Numpy, Scikit-learn, etc.);
  • At least minor experience with python visualisation tools (matplotlib/seaborn, Plotly);
  • Understanding state-of-the-art CV approaches for problems like object detection/tracking, video analysis, semantic segmentation, pose estimation, optical character recognition;
  • Experience with lightweight web-frameworks for DL methods exposing, like Flask and Dash;
  • Upper-intermediate level of English mandatory.

Would be a plus:

  • Experience with C++;
  • Experience with the following modern neural network architectures: LSTM and other RNN-based, Transformers(BERT, etc.);
  • Familiarity with time-series predictive/anomaly detection analyses, natural language processing, signal processing;
  • Understanding SOTA approaches for machine learning problems like unsupervised / semi-supervised learning;
  • Experience with the following frameworks: DLib, Darknet, Theano;
  • Awareness of the CRISP-DM process model;
  • Experience with continuous integration and release management tools, preferably within the AWS platform;
  • Experience with versioning and control system for experiment conduction, like DVC and so on;
  • Hands-on Experience with the common architecture of MLOps system by the means of Hadoop, Docker, Kubernetes, cloud services and experience with managing production ML lifecycle.

With us, you can:

Develop your technical knowledge:
  • Use the latest technologies;
  • Participate in technical events and conferences (the cost is covered by the company);
  • Regular techtalks and professional development.
Improve your soft skills:
  • Build strong teamwork skills and become an essential part of the dynamic teams;
  • Improve your English in classes and speaking directly with clients;
  • Increase your productivity and communication level via Scrum, Kanban, Agile methodologies.

Our perks

  • date
    Covered vacation period: 20 business days and 5 days off
  • en
    Free English classes and speaking club with a native speaker
  • clock
    Flexible working schedule
  • smile
    Truly friendly and supporting atmosphere
  • home
    Working remotely or in one of our offices
  • cup
    Partial compensation for office lunches
  • medical
    Medical insurance for employees from Ukraine
  • psicho
    Compensation of psychological counseling
  • support
    Legal support
  • auto
    Relocation assistance

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