• Communication with customers;
  • Work with various databases;
  • Communication with customers in case of any problems (with replication for example);
  • Security products analytics;
  • Studying competitors, both from technical and business analysis perspective;
  • It is possible to write articles for the site and the blog;
  • Possible trips to the United States.


  • Senior DBA with advanced English to support customers of our database firewall from across the world, prepare customer architecture and work on migration strategy from the product in our field;
  • Work with various databases;
  • English skills required to write white papers as well. We are talking about full time permanent job. Timezone may vary depending on the customer issues.


  • Amazon Aurora, Amazon EC2, Amazon Redshift, Linux System Administration, Oracle Database Administration, Oracle PL/SQL, PostgreSQL Administration, SQL.

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Have a question? Ask HRs +38 067 578 6640

Have a question? Ask HRs +38 067 578 6640