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In early 2006

a young designer, Vladimir Dumyak, organized a small, still creative web studio in Kharkiv. It was about web design projects solely; but soon the main direction of CHI Software has shifted to software development.

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February 2009

brought new directions and new CEO, Andrew Kudryashov, to the rapidly growing Software company. Since then, the company enriched its expertise with embedded and mobile projects and started to transform into a software development center.

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Later on, CHI Python Team got a talented leader, Sergii Tretiak. It was him who started CHI internship and organized the work with the first group of trainees. Web development boost occurred when Alex Stepchenkov joined the team in 2013.

One year later

CHI Sales team got new member, Kseniya Verpeta, who changed the customers' geography and brought brand new and prospective audience to the company.

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In 2015

We got a revolutionary vision as for projects business analysis with the new head of Backend department, Katerina Gurba. This ‘TroubleShooter’ came right in time, when company was shifting to unknown directions.

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2015 was a fruitful year for CHI QA Department as well. Of course it was a functional department before, still it revealed in full only when Dmitry Umanskiy took charge of the QA team.

Same year CHI HR team was headed by Natalia Arzamastseva. Thanks to Natalia and her HR team, we have rapidly grown into 200+ development center and keep greatly enlarging the talents number.

CHI Talents

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More bright characters are yet to come and take us to new directions and heights.

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