Company establishment.
First steps.

It all started way back in 2006 with a small web studio,
10 enthusiasts, and a desire to make something exciting.
City Hall Illustrations started small with PHP, HTML,
CSS, and Design projects.

In two years, we’ve added new areas of expertise,
professionals on board, technology stacks and modified
a little studio into a CHI Software Development Center.

  • 10 experts
  • PHP, HTML, CSS, and Design
  • Local market
  • 10 projects


Rampant development.
Backend era.

Wasted no time, we started to build cloud, web, and
full-stack desktop applications on Ruby, Python, Java,
.NET, C++ and JavaScript. It was a glorious backend era
for CHI Software developers and a rampant development
for the company.

The same year, the unique corporate branding style appeared.
Contrast theme, company logo & motto came into being:
Design. Code. Cloudify. From idea to the product.

  • 30 experts
  • Add-ons to expertise: Ruby, Python, Java, .Net, C++, JS
  • Local and CIS markets
  • 150 projects


Steady growth.
Mobile/Embedded epoch.

This year two new promising departments appeared
at CHI Software. We broke new ground with
Mobile and Embedded systems expertise and
enriched our team with experienced developers.

Same year, the first corporate internship programme
with in-house mentors for students and postgraduates
took place. The aim of this initiative was to bring up and
educate our future loyal teams.

  • 50+ experts
  • Add-ons to expertise: iOS, Android, C++, C#, Python
  • Local and CIS markets
  • 200 projects


Conquering new markets:
Europe, Israel, the USA.

Customer geography was enriched with European, Israel, and
American clients. It became possible due to a big team of
troubleshooters: QA, HR, PM, BI, BA, Sales, and Account

The same year the first official CHI Software representatives in
mentioned markets started to promote company services and
offer software development solutions to our foreign clients

  • 200 experts
  • Add-ons to expertise: Scala, Big Data, Node.js, QA
  • CIS, European, Israel and American markets
  • 300+ projects


Outer space and trending
tendencies exploration.

We started to offer Full-Stack engineering and
quality DevOps support to our clients on a regular basis.
To keep up with the tech world, we went on
developing Big Data, IoT, Machine Learning and
Computer Vision solutions.

We also explored new places and spaces of
our new stylish office. It was comfortably hosted
our booming technical and personal infrastructure and
met both the clients' and the staff's requirements.

  • 350+ experts
  • Add-ons to expertise: DevOps, AI, ML, Computer Vision
  • CIS, European, Israel and American markets
  • 500+ projects


Inspiring customers to succed

This year kicked off with several AR and IoT corp
projects in a raw, i.e., ARChess, AR Trailer, PresentAR,
and Android Things TouchlessNavigation project.

We’ve networked in old and new directions:
Israel, USA, Luxembourg, Norway, and Denmark.
Besides, we’ve expensed new locations with offices
in Kyiv and Dnipro. With our heads in the Cloud, we
were happy to receive the AWS and Microsoft certifications.

  • 450 + experts
  • Add-ons to expertise: AR/VR, Quality Audit, Certified Cloud Solutions
  • Tight partnerships on European, Israeli and American markets
  • 650+ projects


Bringing innovative ideas to life.

This year's focus has shifted to the creation and development of our products.

We have proved our expertise in Machine Learning, Embedded, Cloud Solutions, and IoT development.

It is confirmed by releases of 10 projects for different industries.

This year we have entered into the Japanese technology market and are proud to own the Microsoft Gold Partnership Certificate!

  • 500 + experts
  • Expertise expansion: Big Data, GameDev, Computer Vision, IoT, Embedded, Machine Learning
  • Established long term relationships with Japanese companies. Ongoing partnerships on American, European, and Israeli markets
  • 700+ projects


New challenges, further
unpausing development.

  • To be continued...