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Say goodbye to clunky access control and hello to secure experiences. Why wait any longer to use face recognition to your benefit? Make the future happen with CHI engineers by your side.

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We Make Face Recognition Real and Working

Face Detection
This feature is here to help you accurately spot and track faces in any situation. There’s hardly a better tool to extract real-time insights into crowd analysis and upgrade your surveillance. Get ready to wow your customers and keep everything running smoothly at any given moment.

Face Identification
This top-notch technology goes above and beyond, accurately distinguishing individuals like nobody’s business. Whether you want to beef up your security systems or get super-targeted with your marketing strategies, this feature has your back.

Face Authentication
Provide an alternative to traditional authentication with this password-free method. Your users ‘ unique facial features allow you to set up the best safety measures available on the market.

Emotion Detection
Now, you can understand and respond to your audience’s feedback even if they don’t say a word. Connect with your customers on a deeper level and analyze the sentiments of each individual in real time.

Age & Gender Analysis
Do demographic insights mean the world to you? This feature is a sure way to get precise info about your audience. Your marketing and product development strategies have never been more accurate, tailoring to each age group and gender.

Skin Anomaly Detection
Get ready to shake up the healthcare and cosmetic realm with AI! Innovations can detect any suspicious conditions before they become a big deal. Whether for dermatological assessments or personalized skincare advice, you will stay one step ahead for proactive health and beauty solutions.

Face Recognition Real

Technologies for the Highest Score Possible

  • Face Detection

    • CNN
    • Haar Cascades
    • Single-Shot Detector
    • YOLO
    • Multi-task CNN
    • Region-based CNN

  • Face Identification

    • CNN
    • Facial Feature Extraction Algorithms
    • ArcNet
    • FaceNet
    • Deep CNN

  • Face Authentication

    • Facial Recognition Algorithms
    • Biometric Authentication
    • OpenFace
    • FaceNet
    • Microsoft Azure Face API

  • Emotion Detection

    • Emotion Recognition Models
    • CNN
    • Visual Transformers

  • Age & Gender Analysis

    • Age & Gender Prediction Models
    • Visual Transformers
    • VOLO
    • MiVOLO
    • ResNet-50

  • Skin Anomaly Detection

    • CNN
    • Transfer Learning Autoencoders
    • Visual Transformers

What We Offer Beyond Superb Face Recognition Solutions

Personalized strategy

Every face recognition project is distinct, with its own set of challenges. For this reason, we approach your concept as a unique masterpiece right from the project’s start.

Scientific background

Our engineers are more than just experts – they're passionate scientists at heart. Your business success becomes feasible thanks to their rare knowledge and tireless search for innovation.

Expertise beyond AI

CHI Software is more than a facial recognition software development company. We have experts for every development phase to provide superb results from initial discovery through design to final deployment.

What Clients Say About Us


The Vodafone company successfully works with the mobile phone insurance company "Shid-Zahid", and the main criterion of the project’s success is the use of the INRISK platform, an online insurance portal developed by CHI Software. The concept of the INRISK platform fully coincides with the Vodafone Ukraine strategy to digitize offered services and shift them towards paperless technologies.
We can recommend СHI Software as a highly professional solution for insurance business management.

olena myronenko
Olena Myronenko

Director of VF Retail LLC


We required transferring a bank of services from IBM to Amazon for about 10 partially interconnected products. Also, there was a need for databases and outdated products refactoring. CHI Software provided us with a dedicated team for each product.The logic layers were rewritten for Amazon and managed by CHI experts in non-practical databases.The development ran smoothly, and we are more than satisfied with the work done.

Evgeny Borisov
Yevgen Borisov

Big Data Technical Leader at NAYA Technologies


Media Markt worked with CHI Software for over 4 years. During this time the CHI team made important contributions to our e-commerce projects and to one of our core propitiatory technology in the area of distributed data synchronization. Alongside outstanding technical skills, these engineers have always been highly reliable in terms of quality and deadlines. Taking into consideration my experience, I would highly recommend working with the CHISW engineering team.

Bulat Rakhimberdiev
Bulat Rakhimberdiev

Solution Manager, Media Markt

Even More Insightful Reading


Here is what you need to know about facial recognition development

  • What is facial recognition? arrow

    Facial recognition is like a smart assistant who never forgets a face. It can identify or verify a person by analyzing their facial features from a photo, image, or video. So, it’s no wonder this AI subset becomes handy in various scenarios: from unlocking smartphones to enhancing security systems.

  • How much does it cost to develop facial recognition systems? arrow

    A lot of AI-based projects, including face recognition ones, start with a proof of concept (or PoC) to test an idea and know what to expect. The simplest AI PoC would cost you 10,000 USD. But, our team provides a rough cost estimation for each project individually, so don’t hesitate to ask.

  • What features can be customized in a facial recognition development project? arrow

    In fact, face recognition projects almost always have unique feature sets and strongly depend on initial project requirements. You can tweak the accuracy level and how your AI software handles different lighting or angles and add even more spice by recognizing emotions or age. Furthermore, our engineers can tailor your solution to work with specific databases or integrate with other systems and your current tech infrastructure.

  • How do you ensure accuracy and security in custom facial recognition solutions? arrow

    CHI engineers employ advanced algorithms that undergo rigorous testing and training with various datasets to achieve the desired accuracy in our facial recognition development services. As for robust data protection measures, we apply encryption and access controls in the first place and also utilize secure data storages.

  • What is your development process? arrow

    Creating any AI solution is an iterative process, as we always have to deal with high uncertainty. Our experts start with research, discovery, and team planning – this is where we gather insights, brainstorm ideas, and chart our course. Next comes model learning: we train our AI models using relevant data. These two stages require the most of our attention.

    Once we have a solid foundation, we develop the minimum viable product (MVP) and continuously improve it based on feedback and user needs. Finally, we launch the product and provide ongoing support, which is essential for AI projects. Algorithms need to learn, so we help them with that.


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