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Fintech Industry Overview

The digitalization era is here. Now more than ever, the market is shifting towards online financial services, while clients are getting more demanding. Fintech software development helps organizations use these trends in their favor.

Financial technology transforms traditional banking operations: money transfers, payment processing, personal finance management, insurance, etc. With time, innovations have penetrated into internal banking workflows as well. You can’t hide from changes if you want to take part in the competition. The question is, who will help you pilot the digital ship?

CHI Software is a finance software development company with over 16 years of experience in the industry. We’ve been unceasingly growing the pool of our experts to offer essential services for the financial industry: consulting, design, coding, testing, DevOps engineering, and maintenance. From payment gateways to intricate AI solutions, we are making the fintech revolution happen.

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Finance Development Software & Services We Provide

  • Native and cross-platform mobile app development

    Keep your services as close as possible to customer expectations by building intuitive mobile applications that reflect your business style and strategy.

  • Digital banking solutions

    Deliver the entire ecosystem of the banking services to the client’s desktop device: make your offerings available online, from any part of the world.

  • Money transfer platforms

    Bring in simple, fast, and transparent online transactions on the local market or internationally.

  • eWallets

    Create handy tools to help smartphone users pay for purchases with their devices and record their spending.

  • Payment gateways

    Equip your solution with an in-built tool that checks and processes payment information for secure transactions.

  • AI predictions

    Keep pace with innovative technologies and use smart algorithms to coordinate your business activities in the short and long-term perspective.

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Tackle Business Challenges with Fintech Software

  1. Cost optimization Fintech software development services allow for significant process automation, which potentially requires less human involvement and cuts fixed costs for your company.

  2. Service speed and quality Finance development services enable conducting same-day operations impossible for traditional banking. At the same time, automated workflow guarantees transparent control over the service quality.

  3. Accessibility Banking is no longer something daunting and complicated. Now it’s always at arm’s length, no matter where your clients are and what they are doing. Websites and mobile apps for finance are in great demand globally.

  4. Improved security The digital sphere has made finance management more dependable than ever. First, two-factor authentication, then biometric authorization – fintech software development companies disrupt outdated security measures.

  5. Competitive advantage Digitalization and convenience will bring you more loyal customers and strengthen your market position in the competition. An optimal combination of diverse fintech services can forever change your relations with clients and partners.

  6. Regulatory compliance Regtech is a separate niche focusing on regulatory management for the financial industry. AI algorithms monitor and report regulatory changes in real-time, ensuring effortless regulatory compliance.

See What Your Business Can Gain by Choosing CHI Software Fintech Development

The full scale of tech innovation

Apart from fintech engineers, we provide many other technical and non-technical talents, including AI and data science developers.

ISO 27001 and 9001 certifications

We take strict data protection measures and guarantee quality coding according to the world-known standards.

Flexible cooperation

You can hire a team or individual developers based on your unique business requirements. Choose the engagement model that will quickly bring your idea to the market.

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