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Whatever a challenge is, we can test it. Our QA & testing team has a complete set of skills to help you win any market with a high-quality web, mobile, or desktop solution.

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Aiming at the Ideal Performance

Year after year, users have been setting high expectations for software quality. Now, it has reached a peak. Minor malfunctions may lead a business to the failure within days or even hours. Luckily, our specialists won’t let that happen.

We’ve been providing quality assurance services since 2015. The expertise of our team evolved as CHI Software projects became more complex. Now, our Software Testing Department counts 35 manual and automated test engineers, 3 technical leads, and 6 mentors.

We’ll guide you through the entire QA workflow, creating testing strategies and executing test cases. Be it a mobile app or retail platform, we know how to deliver quality at each step of the user journey.

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Our Quality Assurance Process

  1. Requirements analysis

    First, our QA team thoroughly studies the client’s request. This introduction occurs at the beginning of the project, as quality should be considered at the earliest opportunity (and not after the development stage as many might think).

    • Requirements traceability matrix (RTM)
  2. Test planning

    It is a strategic step to build a frame of testers’ work. Specialists determine the tools to use and types of tests to conduct. They also create a testing schedule and distribute tasks among team members.

    • Test plan or Test strategy
    • Test estimation
  3. Test design

    This stage is more detailed, as experts proceed to individual test cases and checklists, which usually include information about the object of testing (for example, functional or performance testing), actions to take, expected outcomes, and test status.

    • A series of test cases
    • Checklists
  4. Test execution

    At this stage, the team starts carrying out a testing plan and recording defects (called “bugs”). To make sure execution is finished, test engineers turn to RTM and check if all requirements are met. Then, to confirm that most bugs are removed, they conduct retesting and regression testing of all features or the essential functionality.

    • Updated test cases, checklists
    • Bug reports
    • Test reports
  5. Monitoring and improvements

    Quality assurance can’t come to a full completion. It’s an ongoing process while the product evolves and transforms over time. If there is a new feature or design update, the process starts over again.

    • High-quality product admired by users

technologies we use

  • Android SDK
  • Autoit
  • Browser Stack
  • Builder
  • Devtools
  • GenyMotion
  • Ghostlab
  • Gradle
  • HTML validator
  • iMacros
  • Insomnia
  • IntelliJ Idea
  • iTools
  • Jmeter
  • Junit
  • Maven
  • Postman
  • Qase
  • Selenium IDE
  • SoapUI
  • Swagger
  • TestFlight
  • Test link
  • TestLodge
  • TestNG
  • Testpad
  • TestRail
  • Virtual Box
  • Virtual PC
  • Visual Stidio
  • VMware
  • Xcode
  • Xenu link
  • XRay
  • Zephyr

We Will Help You

ISO-approved quality

In November 2021, CHI Software received ISO 9001 and ISO 27001 certifications to ensure excellent quality in everything we do. Our test engineers follow the world-renowned guidelines to provide prominent service at each stage of the working process.

A complete set of testing services

Software testing is far more complex than many might think. We pick a unique combination of tools and testing types considering the goals of your particular project. Our test engineers pave the way for perfect quality using the best industry practices.

Established processes
Established in-house processes

Our test engineers and QA engineers work in sync with a vast community of technical and non-technical experts. We emphasize friendly and win-win collaboration for all sides, including our clients and their representatives.


CHI Software QA and testing team can help your business win any market with a high-quality web, mobile, or desktop solution. Find out if we’ve already addressed your query.

  • What is software quality assurance? arrow

    Software quality assurance, or SQA for short, is the ongoing process that ensures the software product meets and complies with the organization's established and standardized quality specifications. It’s an ongoing process while the product transforms over time.

  • Are there any significant differences between "Software Testing" And "Software Quality Assurance"? arrow

    There is a significant difference indeed between these processes. Software Testing focuses on system control and error detection, checking the application's behavior, while Software Quality Assurance is about improving the project's overall quality level each day.

  • Does every software program need testers? arrow

    We highly recommend software testing for startups and newly developed software since it may have inconsistencies, redundancies, and bugs. That's why proper Software Testing is a must-have. This process ensures that your product meets all requirements and provides real value to end users.

  • What kinds of testing should be considered? arrow

    Our Software Testing team provides both Manual and Automated software testing services.
    Manual Testing should be used to perform Exploratory Testing, Usability Testing, and Ad-hoc Testing to exhibit the best results. Automation Testing should be used to perform Regression Testing, Load Testing, Performance Testing, and Repeated Execution for best results. We recommend Automated testing on large projects with complex architecture because such tests offer increased test coverage; they are more complex and thus expensive. Manual testing is more valuable for simpler solutions, such as a website.

  • How are websites tested? arrow

    The website testing starts with requirements analysis and Test planning to determine the tools and types of tests to conduct. After that, our experts process individual test cases and checklists. Actual bug finding and fixing come next, together with constant quality monitoring and recording of the results.

  • What's a "test plan"? arrow

    A test plan is a strategic step to build a frame of testers’ work. Specialists determine the tools to use, and types of tests to conduct. They also create a testing schedule and distribute tasks among team members.

  • What's a "test case"? arrow

    A test case is a set of conditions under which a tester will determine whether an application, software system or one of its features is working as expected. It means that test cases clarify what needs to be done to test a system. Writing test cases is one of the essential parts of Software Testing.


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