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With our custom image recognition software development services, you can see your visual data in tiny details! CHI Software uses the latest innovations to provide valuable insights and maximize your business results in many aspects. Healthcare, retail, manufacturing, or automotive – discover opportunities for numerous industries with image recognition.

Our Image Recognition Software Development Services

  • Custom Image Recognition Software Development

    Every business is unique, and so is a tech stack we pick to meet your specific requirements. Our image recognition software development company focuses on creating solutions that help you achieve success as quickly as possible with the right technological toolkit in your arsenal. Your business goals are always a number-one priority in our project plan.

  • Facial Recognition

    With image recognition software development, you can identify people based on facial features. Think of innovative security systems or personalized customer experiences – facial recognition starts a new chapter for many industries. We apply the most accurate algorithms to detect even blurred or half-seen faces for the best results.

  • Object and Scene Recognition

    Intuitive object recognition software turns your application into a detective that can accurately identify objects and scenes within an image. It’s great for e-commerce apps that tag products in images or educational apps that help students learn about the world. Uncover hidden details with our help!

  • Visual Search

    This is a dream come true for thousands of shoppers. Now, they can take a picture of the item they love and easily find where to buy it. Wouldn’t you like to have this feature in your app? We’ll gladly make it real! So, don’t hesitate to use image analysis for quickly boosting your customer engagement.

  • Optical Character Recognition (OCR)

    Forget about routine document processing with OCR! You’ll get a digital librarian managing all the texts within seconds. Our team of experts will help you turn your pictures into searchable and editable texts for scanning or translating documents in real time. Process automation has never been so easy!

  • Image Classification and Tagging

    Do your employees spend many hours tagging and categorizing documents? They don’t have to do it using image recognition software development. With our help, you can organize vast photo libraries, enhance search functionality, or even filter content in social networks. There’s no better way to keep your visuals in order!

  • Augmented Reality (AR) Experiences

    Our engineers can overlay digital information on the real world through camera lenses. Say hi to immersive educational software that brings history to life or retail apps that let your customers try on clothes or makeup virtually. How exciting is this? Don’t wait to give it a try!

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Benefits of Image Recognition Software Development for Your Business

  1. Enhanced Customer Experience Image analysis has started a revolution in the shopping world. Your customers finally receive personalized assistance online with no human involvement. Visual search or virtual try-ons provide the greatest opportunities to grow your loyal audience.

  2. Improved Security and Surveillance Develop custom image recognition systems that are on guard 24/7 without needing food or sleep. They monitor real-time video feeds, recognize faces, detect unauthorized access, and alert your staff if something suspicious happens. Is there a better guardian you could think of?

  3. Operational Efficiency If you consider some productivity supercharge for your business workflows, this is it. Use custom image recognition software development services to automate inventory management, detect defects in manufacturing, or sort through the vast number of visuals in your database. It saves countless hours and eliminates the fuss for you to focus on business growth.

  4. Innovative Marketing and Advertising Image analysis offers groundbreaking options for your marketing strategies. Think of targeted ads based on visual preferences, augmented reality campaigns (how engaging they are!), or social media monitoring for brand images. Our team can integrate these custom features to help you build strong bonds with your audience.

  5. Profound Data Analytics and Valuable Insights Data is your best ally when it comes to making effective business decisions. But how can you avoid missing important points in vast data sets? Image analysis solutions can track customer demographics, preferences, and behaviors based on visual data. Your decision-making has never been better!

  6. Accessibility Enhancements Like building a bridge to ensure everyone can cross over, image recognition software development makes technology more accessible. For example, it can help visually impaired individuals understand their surroundings through audio descriptions. AI-based image processing shows the world to every person and makes businesses more responsive to all audiences.

  7. Close Monitoring and Quality Control Custom image recognition software development services can be your infallible inspectors with an eye for detail. They identify defects or anomalies with the highest speed and precision and monitor equipment for signs of wear and tear. There’s hardly a better way to automate your quality control and ensure products comply with all standards and regulations.

  8. Powerful Competitive Advantage At its heart, adopting image processing techniques can set a business apart by offering services, products, and experiences that competitors don’t. Picture analysis software allows you to stay ahead in the digital age even if you work offline. Don’t wait another year to take advantage of the opportunities at your fingertips!

Tech Stack to Create Outstanding Image Recognition Solutions

  • Image Generation

    • SEAN
    • PSGAN
    • WarpGAN
    • StyleGAN
    • Variational autoencoders

  • Image Segmentation

    • Max-flow graph cut
    • U-NET
    • Mask R-CNN
    • Faster R-CNN
    • YOLO

  • Image Classification

    • Residual Neural Network (ResNet)
    • YOLO
    • EfficientNet

  • Object Tracking

    • Optical flow method
    • Kalman filter
    • SIFT algorithm
    • SURF algorithm
    • ORB
    • Deep SORT
    • SiameseNet

  • Object Detection

    • HOG
    • Support Vector Machine (SVM)
    • SIFT algorithm
    • SURF algorithm
    • ORB
    • Haar cascade
    • RetinaNet
    • YOLO
    • Single-Shot Detector (SSD)
    • EfficientNet

  • Object Recognition

    • Image embeddings
    • Focal loss
    • Attention mechanisms

  • Optical Character Recognition

    • EAST
    • CRAFT
    • Tesseract
    • EasyOCR
    • PaddleOCR

  • Multiple View Geometry

    • Camera calibration
    • 3D reconstruction
    • Depth estimation

  • Sensor Fusion

    • Kalman filter
    • SLAM

  • Pose Estimation

    • OpenPose
    • PoseNet
    • High-Resolution Net (HRNet)

Our Expertise in Generative AI Models

We Build Custom Image Recognition Software for YOUR Industry

  1. Healthcare Custom image recognition software development services allow you to analyze medical images with the highest accuracy. Technologies see every pattern and nuance in X-rays, MRIs, and CT scans to help doctors with early diagnostics. Plus, AI supports personalization by tailoring treatments to each patient individually. This is the most powerful tool to enhance mobile healthcare apps.

  2. Retail Custom image recognition solutions benefit both retailers and their customers. On the one hand, you can power up inventory management by keeping a smart eye on available products. On the other hand, shoppers get visual search capabilities or 100% individual product recommendations based on their visual preferences. Let picture analysis software transform your business operations!

  3. Agriculture Picture analysis software development is a revolution in the agriculture industry. It can monitor crop health, identify pest infestations, and even predict yields. Now, consider how much time you can save by covering these operations with AI. In return, you get an opportunity to make informed decisions about crop management, optimize resources, and increase yields.

  4. Financial Services Providing security and streamlining operations are the two main areas for improvement in the finance sector. Image recognition software development can help with that. It can verify identities by matching photos with ID documents in seconds. Moreover, image recognition can scan the person’s social media, online behavior, and images of their assets to evaluate the creditworthiness of the potential client.

  5. Manufacturing Custom image recognition software can monitor production lines and detect defects or faults earlier than humans. How exactly does it help? Manufacturers can reduce waste, improve product quality, and, with that, ensure customer satisfaction. Moreover, image analysis solutions can monitor compliance with safety protocols, making the working environment more secure.

  6. Automotive Strictly speaking, autonomous vehicles exist thanks to custom image recognition software development services. They help accurately identify and respond to road signs, obstacles, and other vehicles on the road. They are the eyes of the latest automotive innovations. Plus, picture analysis software is used to create secure vehicles. It inspects the manufacturing process and signals about defects.

  7. Security and Surveillance Intelligent technologies go further than recognizing one person or two. They identify individuals in public spaces, analyze crowds, and even detect suspicious activities. Image recognition is a tireless bodyguard reacting if something’s wrong immediately. The responsiveness of security measures can reach new heights with AI.

Our Image Recognition Software Development Process

  1. Problem Definition and Scope

    First and foremost, our development team should figure out what problem they have to solve with image recognition software development. This is a preparation stage where we interview stakeholders, perform market research, and analyze user needs and pain points.

    • Clear problem statement
    • Project scope
    • Specific goals to achieve
  2. Visual Data Collection

    Your future AI model should get relevant visual data from which to learn. Our task at this point is to collect a large and diverse set of images that will help custom solutions provide high-quality results. This stage may include web scraping, using publicly available datasets, or generating synthetic data.

    • A comprehensive dataset with a wide variety of examples for each class the software must recognize
  3. Data Preprocessing

    Solely collecting data is not enough for a model to work correctly. Our team then prepares the visual data for training. We analyze image datasets to remove irrelevant items, augment the data set to increase diversity, and normalize the data for better consistency. Labeling the images is another important step to make at this stage.

    • A cleaned, augmented, and labeled data ready for model training
  4. Model Selection and Training

    Now, we choose a suitable machine learning or deep learning model and train it on the data we collected and preprocessed. The training process involves feeding the data through the model multiple times, allowing our engineers to adjust the model's parameters to achieve better accuracy.

    • A trained model that can accurately recognize images or objects.
  5. Evaluation and Testing

    It’s time to determine how well new custom features perform and whether they meet the defined project goals. Our team uses a separate test set to evaluate the model's accuracy, precision, recall, and other metrics. Another important task is conducting an error analysis to understand the model's weaknesses. Next, we refine or train the model additionally if necessary.

    • A performance report that highlights the model's accuracy, strengths, and areas for improvement.
  6. Deployment

    At this stage, we prepare the model to meet its end users. For this process to go smoothly, our team might develop APIs, create user interfaces, and ensure custom solutions can handle real-time data and requests.

    • A fully operational image recognition system.
  7. Maintenance and Updates

    It’s not particularly a stage but a continuous process. Our experts are responsible for picture analysis solutions to remain accurate and relevant over time. We monitor the system’s performance, collect user feedback, and update the model with new data.

    • A continuously updated system retaining its high quality in any circumstances.
  8. Feedback loop

    Working with user data and feedback is crucial to keep track of any performance bottlenecks. Analyzing how the system works in real life gives engineers valuable insights into future improvements. This, in turn, allows you to create a custom solution, enhancing your audience’s engagement.

    • Insights that inform the next software iterations.

Why Choose CHI Software as an Image Recognition Software Development Vendor?

Strong R&D Department

Artificial intelligence is our core expertise, which we continuously grow and improve. Our R&D center now has 40 engineers, specializing in computer vision, natural language processing, machine learning, MLOps, and more. By partnering with us, you choose an innovative future for your business.

Cross-Domain Expertise

It’s not only about picture analysis software development and AI in general. CHI Software is a cross-domain company covering web and mobile development, as well as cloud and IoT engineering. To help you find your way in the innovative field, we have dedicated business analysts and design departments. We’ve got your back regardless of the task.

Client-Centric Approach

There is no “one-size-fits-all” solution in the image recognition niche. Each business has unique requirements and visual data sets to process. So, our job is to make innovations work for you specifically. We thoroughly examine your market and current trends to offer the best solution and action plan.

Client Testimonials


The Vodafone company successfully works with the mobile phone insurance company "Shid-Zahid", and the main criterion of the project’s success is the use of the INRISK platform, an online insurance portal developed by CHI Software. The concept of the INRISK platform fully coincides with the Vodafone Ukraine strategy to digitize offered services and shift them towards paperless technologies.
We can recommend СHI Software as a highly professional solution for insurance business management.

olena myronenko
Olena Myronenko

Director of VF Retail LLC


We needed to transfer a bank of services from IBM to Amazon for about 10 partially interconnected products. Also, we required databases and outdated products to be refactored. CHI Software provided us with a dedicated team for each product. The logic layers were rewritten for Amazon and managed by CHI experts in non-practical databases. The development ran smoothly, and we are more than satisfied with the work done.

Evgeny Borisov
Yevgen Borisov

Big Data Technical Leader at NAYA Technologies


Media Markt worked with CHI Software for over 4 years. During this time the CHI team made important contributions to our e-commerce projects and to one of our core proprietary technologies in the area of distributed data synchronization. Alongside outstanding technical skills, these engineers have always been highly reliable in terms of quality and deadlines. Taking into consideration my experience, I would highly recommend working with the CHISW engineering team.

Bulat Rakhimberdiev
Bulat Rakhimberdiev

Solution Manager, Media Markt


Recognize the future with innovative image recognition solutions.

  • What is custom image recognition software? arrow

    Custom image recognition software is a tech solution for identifying and interpreting visual data according to individual business requirements. Unlike off-the-shelf solutions, custom tools are engineered to recognize particular patterns, objects, faces, etc. This approach allows your business to achieve the desired quality and directly impacts the development process and its results. As an image recognition software development company, we recommend custom solutions if you have something very specific in mind, for example, detecting defects in manufacturing lines.

  • Can you integrate image recognition software with our current systems and databases? arrow

    Sure thing! Providing seamless integrations is our primary task because it is the only way to make image identification and image processing work effectively. AI innovations should be a natural part of your infrastructure and help you with daily tasks – not create new hurdles. So, be it outdated legacy software or the latest tech stacks, we’ve got the skills to make image recognition work for you.

  • What advantages can custom image recognition software bring to my business? arrow

    These are the most common advantages noted by all our clients:

    • Boosted efficiency: Automating tasks that used to take hours by using optical character recognition software;
    • Enhanced accuracy: Reducing human error in inventory management, quality control, and customer verification;
    • Unlocked insights: Discovering patterns and trends hidden in your images that can inform strategic decisions;
    • Improved customer experience: Offering visual search, instant information retrieval from images, and personalized recommendations based on the person’s visual preferences;
    • Staying ahead of the curve: Using cutting-edge technology to differentiate your business and offer services that competitors can't.


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