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For new and ongoing projects, we offer professional software consulting with profound product discovery, quality check, and compliance. We shape a top-scoring plan to help you put technology into action.

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IT Consulting at a Glance

Under competitive market conditions, launching a successful digital product or applying innovations is often nonviable without preparations. Information technology consulting helps you test the waters and evaluate possible risks.

The main advantage of IT consultants is their real experience in the field. They know how the industry functions from the inside and can shortcut your way to business objectives and transform them into an opportunity (and not a threat) to your organization.

Advanced technology consulting may involve conducting a discovery phase and operational assessment, identifying potential directions for optimization and risks, building software specifications and system architecture, estimating development time & cost, and more. 

Tech experts shed the light on your innovation path and prevent challenges before they become a threat.

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Our Software Consulting Process

  1. Contact & Contract

    For better results, businesses should specify their needs and problems and gather necessary documentation. Thorough preparations will significantly reduce the time of request processing.

    • Initial request formed
    • Business requirements discussed
    • Contract signed
  2. Analysis

    After contract signing, all further discussions become confidential, and business analysts get to work. Depending on the request, they get deeply immersed in the client’s business, analyze the market, review needs and goals. They will ask questions, analyze references and the competition while studying the state-of-the-art possibilities relating to the project.

    Result (depending on the primary goals)
    • Analysis report
    • Market overview
    • List of experts for additional consultations
  3. Expert consultations

    Depending on the issue, any required specialist can join the analysis and discussion: project managers, developers (tech leads), UI/UX designers, or DevOps engineers. They provide their opinion based on practical experience and market knowledge.

    Result (depending on the primary goals)
    • Detailed report including in-depth expert review
    • Interview with the client’s team
    • Design solutions
  4. Recommendations

    Detailed analysis is followed by a set of recommendations for development or improvement. The client gets a complete vision of where to move next and how to reach their goals.

    • Recommendations with rough time and cost estimations
    • Tech stack suggestions and project architecture
    • The list of specialists that can implement changes/develop a product
  5. Work plan

    The client picks the most suitable option, and consultants create an individual project plan for final approval. The completing stage of tech consulting implies additional discussions to clarify details and project terms.

    • Defined scope of work
    • Project timeline
    • Detailed cost estimation

our technology stack

  • java
  • react
  • JavaScript
  • Python
  • Node js
  • c-plusplus
  • dot net framework
  • angular
  • android
  • iOS Apple
  • Flutter
  • embedded
  • ai ml

We Will Help You

Focus on the unique business characteristics

Our priority is to understand your business and offer solutions aligned with your tactics and strategy. As a technology consulting company, we pay attention to the tiniest detail and turn it to your advantage.

Transparent value proposition

We help you find real profit potential in the broad IT landscape. Our team offers technology for positive changes: process automation, workflow optimization, cost reduction, quality refinements, or business expansion.

Access to any type of expertise

We provide brainpower with extensive experience to give you a clear understanding of the business model, answer questions, and warn you about any challenges waiting ahead. Our company is 800+ people delivering your ideas to the target market.


Here is what you need to know about IT consulting in a nutshell.

  • How do IT consulting services help my business? arrow

    Information technology consulting helps you find room for business improvement using IT solutions and oversee possible threats and unwanted activities. It significantly decreases potential risks and costs related to the technology sector, whether you build a new solution from scratch or upgrade an existing system.

  • Who are IT consultants, and what do they do? arrow

    An IT consultant is a specialist providing consultations about technology use based on unique business goals, product characteristics, and market conditions. Such experts learn vast data sets to offer the best possible solution to a specific company considering current business pain points and customer expectations.

  • When should I hire an IT consultant? arrow

    Consider hiring an IT consultant if you need guidance on innovative technologies to implement them in your business. Tech consulting is also a good preparation step if you’re unsure whether your future solution will prove successful. And finally, advanced technology consulting will help you come up with a renovation plan for your existing product.

  • What software consulting services does CHI Software offer? arrow

    As an information technology consulting company, we offer a complete spectrum of consulting services, including:

    • Detailed market analysis with possible risks overviewed,
    • Expert reviews provided by UI/UX designers, developers, solution architects, etc.,
    • Tech stack suggestions,
    • IT implementation plan,
    • Time and cost estimation of the IT project,
    • Well-defined project requirements.

  • How much does it cost to hire an IT consultant? arrow

    Consulting fees heavily depend on the expert’s specialization (business analysis, UI/UX design, software development, etc.) and their rate, so the final cost is a sum of working hours multiplied by an hourly rate. At CHI Software, one hour rate lies within 50-100 USD.


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