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Stress-free traveling seemed unrealistic just a while ago. But those times are gone. Hundreds of experienced developers at CHI Software solve traveling issues and start a new traveler-centered chapter of your business.

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Travel & Hospitality Industry Overview

Modern software gives travel organizations access to the global market and a more comprehensive range of opportunities. But it won’t make a business successful overnight.

Business development managers have to consider the growth of travelers’ demands due to increasing competition and, hence, a variety of options to choose from. To attract wider audiences and adjust to unexpected macroeconomic factors, traveling is becoming a tech-driven industry aiming at loyal relations with clientele.

CHI Software has provided travel organizations and their customers with stable, convenient, and engaging software. We have 800+ experts aboard, creating customized experiences to help travelers learn, explore, and discover the world around us. 


Travel & Hospitality Development Services & Solutions We Provide:

  • Native and cross-platform mobile apps

    Supported by our mobile development skills, you can offer customers the most convenient way to organize their trips – right from their smartphone. Your business will be literally by your client’s side, whatever distance they travel.

  • Booking & reservation solutions

    Impress your customers with intuitive solutions available 24/7. Our vetted developers will help you create the most feature-rich product with clear navigation and a powerful engine. Let users plan their adventures with only one multi-purpose tool.

  • Cloud-based solutions

    Cloud computing has revolutionized the way travel businesses treat their data. It enables cutting brick-and-mortar infrastructure costs, provides data storage scalability according to the season, and improves data-driven decision-making. Remain flexible and well-informed at all times.

  • AI recommendation systems

    Algorithms get to know each of your clients better than any human agent. We help you set up recommendation systems considering industry specifics and constraints of every user individually. Artificial intelligence is a state-of-the-art tool for advanced personalization and higher conversions.

  • AI virtual assistants

    Smart chatbots provide answers to the most common questions and ensure a superb user experience at any time of day or night. While travel agents focus on closing deals, electronic assistants help your potential clients consider their options and arrive at a decision.

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Tackle Business Challenges with Travel & Hospitality Software Solutions

  1. Enhanced traveling experience Today’s solutions accompany travelers every step of the way: from booking a ticket to searching nearby attractions. Professionally-made software can facilitate their entire journey with just a couple of taps or clicks.

  2. Increased sales Technologies significantly change your business operations by replacing or augmenting traditional travel services. A growing number of features, personalized offerings, and fast services will shortly lead your organization to increased revenues.

  3. Powerful competitive advantage Surpass your competitors with a well-designed travel solution. Software development capabilities will help you implement almost any non-trivial idea and come up with a well-thought solution.

  4. Better command over the corporate data Bespoke software won’t let you miss a single interaction with your customers. The clients’ history is priceless information for efficient decision-making and future marketing campaigns.

  5. Expanded audience and geography Solutions for travelers allow you to reach any laptop or smartphone owner, no matter where they are. Go beyond the borders of the local market, increase your brand awareness, and achieve your goals faster.

  6. Streamlined workflow Corporate software for the travel industry modifies the way your employees interact with clients and each other. It enables fundamental process automation on several levels and effective use of employees’ skills and efforts.

See What Your Business Can Gain by Choosing CHI Software Travel & Hospitality Solutions

17 teams of engineers

Web or mobile development, DevOps or testing – we cover every stage of the software development life cycle. Be it a new or ongoing project, we have teams and individual specialists to fill in any technical gaps.

ISO-protected data

CHI Software follows internationally-approved standards to provide a high quality of our development services (ISO 9001) and strict data protection measures (ISO 27001). Partner with a team that cares.

Startling AI expertise

Our AI department has been steadily growing and evolving. Algorithms provide in-depth analytics, enhance risk management, and find a common language with clients.

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