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Media & Entertainment Industry Overview

Being one of the most fast-evolving industries, media & entertainment immediately reacts to social and economic changes. 

To attract the attention of the younger audience, market players need innovative, non-standard solutions. Meanwhile, the global pandemic has changed the amount of the content people consume daily and the way they interact with each other.

New industry challenges require creativity and, more importantly, solid professional background from service providers.

At CHI Software, we’ve accumulated the powers of 17 engineering teams to meet and exceed the expectations of your tech-savvy customers. We conduct a profound discovery phase and support you at every stage of your project: design, development, testing, and everything in between.


Software Development Services and Solutions We Provide for Media & Entertainment Businesses:

  • Photo, video, and audio editors

    Modifying and adjusting content is an essential user skill in the digital world. Well-developed editors with advanced features can help you attract a wider audience and strengthen your market position.

  • Social media video platforms

    Videos are the most emotionally-charged pieces of content. We help you create fast and easy-to-use solutions to draw users’ attention, engage them at every step of their journey, and eventually grow your user base.

  • Live streaming apps

    Streaming events in real time has become a hit during the pandemic. As crowded as they can possibly be, online spaces follow all social distancing rules. The CHI Software team will help you provide seamless video streaming and add additional features for unique experiences.

  • Cloud-based solutions

    Media is always about massive amounts of data. Storing and using it effectively is a matter of business survival. Our developers and DevOps engineers will help you prepare a storage environment and conduct a smooth transition to the cloud, considering data volume and your data management strategy.

  • Native and cross-platform mobile apps

    Since smartphone appearance, media & entertainment platforms have been accessible for mobile users. The number of the offered features has been growing through the years, but navigation should remain simple by all means. Our engineers will help you stick to high development standards and outrun your competition.

  • AI content filtering

    Providing video or audio streaming is not enough. What makes people come back is the feeling that you know them better than others. Our engineers make this personalization possible through AI algorithms. They learn user behavioral patterns non-stop to offer something new and exciting at every visit.

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Tackle Business Challenges with Software Solutions for Media & Entertainment

  1. Meeting audience demands As the media & entertainment industry covers all generations and age groups, you need professional developers and business analysts to help you come up with a perfect set of features for entering the targeted market.

  2. Getting competitive edge Only openness to innovations will help businesses prosper on the highly competitive market. With vetted engineers by your side, you’ll get space to fulfill the boldest ideas and access numerous opportunities.

  3. Providing personalized experience Personalized messages and content aligned with individual preferences are two must-haves for today’s media platforms. Provide your customers with what they look for by applying AI and big data management. Keep one step ahead of the user’s thoughts.

  4. Increasing income A good-looking and technologically-infused platform is a sales instrument itself. You can offer more to your clients and gradually grow your income with a solution that understands users’ needs.

  5. Achieving high scalability Media never stands still. It’s a dynamic sphere, requiring continuous flexibility. Digital products tailored to your niche are the optimal way to keep up to date and face market challenges.

  6. Expanding market presence With modern software, your business opportunities are almost limitless. Depending on the shared content, you can gradually reach audiences worldwide and discover new markets.

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Professional consulting services

Our business analysts help our clients test the waters before development starts. It will save you from critical business risks and prepare a well-grounded foundation for further decisions.

800+ experts to cover any development need

Our pool of engineers and non-technical specialists will support your beginnings every step of the way. We will help you set up the development process and achieve superb software quality, regardless of the project stage and complexity.

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Focus on innovative technologies

We’ve been exploring the field of AI for several years to provide the media & entertainment industry with non-trivial solutions. With powerful algorithms, your product will gain a competitive advantage and increase customer loyalty.

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