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Use every data piece to your advantage. We have a sound understanding of how to seamlessly integrate big data solutions into your system so that technologies and workflows complement each other.

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Make a Difference – With Your Data at Hand

The increasingly growing amount of content has been obvious for both businesses and individuals. At some point in time, our human brains were no longer able to process each data flow. But for the business world, handling data is more important than ever.

Thanks to big data analytics and data science techniques, companies from various countries and industries get a grasp of what is going on in their working processes, how to improve them, and how to build efficient business strategies.

CHI Software is a big data development company that will help you uncover the full potential hidden behind big data software development. Actionable reporting, improved customer satisfaction rates, or increased conversions – your corporate data can soon become one of your key business tools.

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What You Receive with Our Big Data Expertise

ISO-approved data protection

CHI Software officially received ISO 9001 and ISO 27001 certifications to provide our clients with the highest industry quality across every project and data set. Imply big data effectively with the highest security standards.

Impressive AI competency

To utilize the potential of big data development services in full, we offer artificial intelligence tools that help businesses evolve. Top-notch expertise and individual approach can forever change your day-to-day operations.

Profound cloud computing expertise

Master your data processing with the best practices of cloud computing. CHI Software engineers pass certifications regularly to provide clients with a smooth transition to AWS, Microsoft Azure, or Google Cloud platform.

Our awards and certifications

designrush AI Award
top 100 global outsourcing
iso 9001-2015
ai excellence award
iso 27001-2015
aws certified
the manifest most reviewed companies
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Big Data Services We Provide

Regardless of the company’s size and industry, every organization should have a complete range of tools for proper data management. At CHI Software, you’ll find the big data professionals you need.
  • Big data consulting

    Big data development offers many opportunities, and consulting will help you understand what works best for your organization. Our big data developers will scrutinize your current data architecture, identify workflow bottlenecks, and offer several implementation scenarios based on your business needs and specifics.

  • Big data integration

    The amount of data to be processed daily is overwhelming for many companies. Big data integration services are a practice of collecting all data pieces from disparate sources, processing them, and providing a single data view. Our data engineers build software that continuously facilitates data collection and provides results in real time.

  • Big data engineering

    This option would be helpful if you want the whole package of benefits. Engineering transforms your mountain of raw data into clear and actionable insights. Our engineers set up systems that efficiently collect, store, and process your data, ensuring it's ready for smart decision-making. This helps you spot trends, optimize operations, and stay ahead in your industry, turning data into your secret weapon.

  • Big data analytics

    Analytics concepts, such as data warehouse, allows you to harness the largest amounts of structured, semi-structured, and unstructured data and derive meaningful reports from it: customer behavior trends, hidden correlations and patterns, purchase analytics, etc. The CHI Software team will fuel your decision-making by applying innovative business forecasting methods and providing data visualization.

  • Big data management & support

    Our experts can set up an environment for big data management from scratch. How and where to store your data, how to process it properly, and what governance procedures to use for maximum efficiency – CHI Software will help you handle all that. Any time your company needs big data cleaning, data storage optimization, and ongoing support, we’ll be there to provide it.

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Data Is a Powerful Business Instrument

  1. Data-driven decision-making Stop drifting in darkness when building strategies or enhancing processes. Enhance your business intelligence with trends related to your industry and keep one step ahead of the competition with big data app development.

  2. Advanced personalization Understand your users better than ever before. Big data solutions can analyze vast volumes of customer-related data to target your audience with suitable products, enhance customer service, and gradually grow brand loyalty.

  3. Uncovered opportunities Focusing on the main data streams, you may overlook a lot of information between the lines. Big data integration discloses every aspect of your working processes and accentuates the tiniest (yet critical) details.

  4. In-depth workflow analysis With big data software development services, you can identify and remove outdated or time-consuming operations that paralyze revenue growth. Stay focused on the big picture with big data software.

  5. Efficient risk evaluation Professional big data analytics singles out hidden threats from millions of data sets stored across your organization. You’ll get an overview of all business operations to prevent undesirable events and financial losses.

  6. Fact-driven forecasting Processing terabytes of information, your big data solution can create a unique informational space that enables extracting typical work patterns. Big data helps businesses make decisions based on proven and relevant facts.

Big Data Development Process

  1. Planning and Requirement Analysis

    This is where our big data development services begin. First, we should define what success looks like. Together with our client, we discuss project goals, plan our work, set deadlines, and consider possible risks. All in all, we build a comprehensive big data strategy.

    • Detailed plan with scope, timelines, resources needed, and initial risk check.
    • Stakeholder agreement on goals and metrics.
  2. Data Collection and Integration

    Next, we move on with data collection and form data lakes (storages of raw data). This task is harder than it seems, as we must analyze data sources our client wants to use. We focus on internal databases, external datasets, and real-time data streaming.

    • A data repository with all relevant information for further analysis.
  3. Big Data Processing and Architecture Development

    The main challenge here is to make project architecture scalable. It should handle data’s growing volume, variety, and velocity. In other words, this architecture should grow with you, and our data scientists make it possible.

    • A robust system to handle and process large amounts of data, often using technologies like Hadoop or Spark.
  4. Big Data Analytics and Modeling

    At this stage, we develop data models that can extract valuable information from the myriad datasets. Our big data engineers employ statistical methods, machine learning algorithms, and data mining techniques.

    • Deployable models that offer insights, predict trends, or aid decision-making.
  5. Deployment and Scaling

    It’s time for the release stage. We deploy the developed models into production environments and ensure their seamless integration with our client’s business.

    • A functional big data application optimized for performance and capable of handling real-time data and user queries.
  6. Monitoring, Evaluation, and Maintenance

    Now, when the work is done, we can help our clients maintain the great result. Our team monitors the system’s performance and model’s accuracy, adapting to emerging changes and challenges.

    • Continuous improvements to keep the big data solution effective and secure as data needs and business requirements change.


Make a big impact with big data solutions.

  • What is big data? arrow

    Big data refers to extremely large datasets that are too complex to comprehend and analyze using only traditional tools. Other features of big data include variety (information comes in different formats) and velocity (data is generated really fast).

  • What is big data software development? arrow

    Big data development means crafting tools that can effectively manage and analyze massive amounts of complex data generated quickly. The common goal of this work is to extract valuable insights from big data and use them for optimization and innovation across various business departments.

  • Why is big data development important for businesses? arrow

    It is crucial for businesses because it helps them make better decisions by giving meaningful insights into how customers behave, market trends, and ways to work more efficiently. Big data technology helps companies detect new opportunities to reach new customer groups or save money.

    Big data analysis also improves customers' feelings about a business by making services more personal and predicting what customers might need. It also helps manage risks by spotting issues early on, saving money and keeping the company's reputation safe. In the end, big data technologies can give a business an edge because those using data well are usually quicker, more creative, and do better with their plans.

  • What types of data can be used for big data application development services? arrow

    You have several data options in this context. Structured data is neat and simple to find, such as entries in a database about sales. Unstructured data is more complicated, like videos or social media posts, and gives lots of info but can be challenging to analyze. Semi-structured data, like JSON and XML, is a mix of both, making it easier to study than completely unstructured data. There are also time-series data, essential for tracking trends over time, and sensor data from IoT devices, crucial for real-time environment monitoring. But keep in mind that data quality often plays the most important role in further processing.

  • How does your company ensure data security and privacy in big data projects? arrow

    That’s one of the crucial stages of our workflow, regardless of the project’s industry and business goals. Our engineers usually do the following steps.

    1. Data encryption helps protect data when it's stored and when it's being sent.
    2. Access controls should be strict, letting only the right people see sensitive data, with extra security like multi-factor authentication.
    3. Anonymizing data keeps personal info safe while still being useful for analysis.
    4. It's important to regularly check security and follow data protection rules to find and fix any weaknesses and make sure everything is legal.
    5. Training employees on how to stay secure helps reduce mistakes that could put data at risk.

  • What are the typical project timelines for big data development projects? arrow

    The work of our big data developers starts with planning and figuring out what's needed, which can take 1-4 weeks. Then comes collecting and putting together the data, lasting 2-8 weeks. Next is working on the data and building the system (4-12 weeks). Finally, deploying and expanding the project can take another 2-6 weeks, with ongoing checks and updates to keep things running well and adjust to any changes needed.


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