Blockchain platform for a mining startup

A web application provides a secure, transparent, and simple supply chain management flow related to the mining process. This Blockchain platform supports secure access to products' traceability data with a simple QR code.

Project background

The supply chain that deals with mining and raw minerals like tin, tantalum, cobalt, or gold is very complex. First of all, the minerals are mined, then a transporter delivers the minerals to a processor. The processor makes all preparations for the manufacturing process. Finally, transporters mix minerals from multiple sources before the minerals make it to a processing facility. The process evidently lacks tracking transparency.  

The German company Minespider is using Blockchain technology to make every step in this complex supply chain easier to track. Blockchain is an excellent tool for this since it allows producers to maintain data privacy while still complying with a secure verification process.  

Previous certification efforts failed, because they put heavy compliance burdens on the suppliers, and many didn’t share proprietary information with competitors. The Blockchain protocol our client has developed is decentralized and thus public.    

The Minespider platform is built on the Ethereum Blockchain and has two elements:  

– Certificate layer. It stores the following data: scans of certificates of origin, authorizations, production limits, transfers, etc. 

– Blockchain layer. This layer records the amount of metal produced by responsible sources as well as who owns it. 

  • Duration: May, 2020 – Ongoing
  • Location: Germany
  • Industry: Mining
  • Services:
  • Custom software development

Business needs

There is an increasing focus on the need to perform a check of the supply chain with due diligence for the raw materials in consumer products. In manufacturing processes metals to be blended can be from different suppliers. If some metals come from conflict zones, companies can end up inadvertently funding armed conflicts, slavery, and child labor. 

So the main business need of our client is a creation of a single, open, Blockchain-based system, the Minespider platform. This solution is a raw material supply chain infrastructure that consists of a number of components. 

Different levels of access and plans: 

– A system that allows the production and sale of encrypted legal documents to users through a web application and provides a fee-paying API for third parties as a product; 

– Transparent tracking of raw materials in products to regulate and solve international problems with conflict-free minerals, child labor, proper environmental stewardship, etc; 

– Tracking execution of Conflict Minerals guidelines and raw materials; 

– Legal digital encrypted documents for raw materials. 

Product features

  1. Different data layers. The Minespider Protocol employs a Multilayer data structure, where keys to access the supply chain history are stored in the certificate and are passed as a nested, encoded data packet. Alongside, there are three different data layers that are passed downstream to the supply chain. Together this method provides the market data privacy with data transparency.
  2. Minespider API. The Minespider API requires no Blockchain expertise and is designed as a simple-to-use REST API so that it can be integrated easily throughout a number of projects.
  3. Minespider SDK Blockchain library. The Minespider SDK Blockchain library is a direct way of interacting with Minespider Blockchain. It also formalizes how data is structured and deals with data.


The proposed solution is a single, open, Blockchain-based platform – a raw material supply chain infrastructure that consists of a number of components.

– Minespider platform uses Blockchain technology to track raw materials in the products we use.

– Starting from the moment resources are extracted from the mines, it is possible to collect reports, licenses, and other key data from responsible sources and store them in tamper-proof Blockchain certificates.

– It is possible to link these certificates together and register each participant on the Blockchain.

– This gives companies a detailed picture of where their materials come from and under what conditions they have been produced.

Our technology stack

  • Vue.js
  • Node.js
  • Vue 3
  • Typescript
  • Nest.js
  • Blockchain
  • Ethereum
  • Solidity
  • Kubernetes
  • ELK stack (Elasticsearch)
  • PostgreSQL
  • TDD
  • DDD
  • Gitlab CI/CD

Client values

  1. A Blockchain-based platform with an encrypted raw material supply chain infrastructure.
  2. A tool to combat corruption, human rights abuses, environmental devastation in the raw materials supply chain.
  3. Enabling users to track raw materials in consumer goods and learn all material information required.
  4. Opportunity to attract not only a specific segment of users from the raw material industry, but also a huge market of different producers that use any metal, fiber or some other type of materials.
  5. A revolutionary solution for the global mining industry, since both states and international committees can control the mining process in full. This, in turn, has a positive impact on the environment and human rights.

Client testimonial

Minespider startup
Felipe Stark Chief Technical Officer of Minespider

We’ve partnered with CHI Software to help us extend our internal blockchain knowledge and to develop web apps from scratch, selecting the most suitable ones for our customers' needs. We were able to implement a UI/UX Responsive design and create a web app, an API, backend, and front-end. The result speaks for itself: happy customers, new markets, and very easy-to-use software.

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