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Leave manual logistics management behind and opt for intuitive and efficient software to reinforce your business. CHI Software will navigate your road to bespoke logistics solutions.

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Logistics Industry Overview

Logistics and transportation are undergoing massive changes pretty much every year. Electric cars, drones, taxis delivering food, you name it. The industry is quickly becoming futuristic, trying to keep up with the growing volumes of manufacturing and customer demands. 

Traditional manual processes are a thing of the past, and most market players have already realized it. What logistics needs today is more efficient route planning, integration with ERP systems, and better tech equipment. Continuous progress is the main reason why the logistics software market is expected to grow at an 8.31% CAGR every year.

In response to this trend, logistics software development companies offer a multitude of products customized to meet business requirements. Implementing technologies in all logistics companies is only a matter of time.


Logistics Software Development Services & Solutions We Provide

  • Transport booking systems

    This is an optimized way for fast and convenient booking, including online payments, an intuitive mobile experience, and integration with your existing website. Managers, in turn, obtain the full overview of booking services using report and analytics features.

  • Custom robotics process automation solutions

    RPA helps to establish complete control over all transportation activities: shipment processing, fleet monitoring, shipment tracking, and communication with customers. By reducing human error through automation, you get an impeccable working process.

  • AI virtual assistants

    Smart chatbots can drastically change the user experience on your logistics platform when placing orders, processing payments, and tracking shipments. Working incredibly fast, these AI-empowered tools can process high volumes of data and provide detailed analytics.

  • AI route optimization

    Having limitless learning capacities, AI algorithms consider several factors at a time to guarantee the fastest and energy-saving journey: vehicle state, time slot, traffic, landscape characteristics, and more. Guide your business to timely and cost-effective delivery – at all times, in any weather conditions.

  • Vehicle management software

    Complete control over the vehicle fleet can be achieved with IoT connectivity, geolocation technology, and machine learning. This complex software allows logistics businesses to get insights into fuel consumption, vehicle and road conditions, and driver behavior patterns.

  • Supply chain management systems

    Imagine controlling all supply chain processes from procurement to order tracking with just one tool. Logistics software development will make it real for you. High-quality digital products will touch on every action and task completed to create seamless supply chain workflow.

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Tackle Business Challenges with Logistics and Transportation Solutions

  1. Cutting costs Logistics software aims to use corporate resources at peak efficiency and, subsequently, cut business expenses.
    Companies can automate numerous operations, reduce staff intervention in routine tasks, and analyze a wealth of information to gain a competitive edge.

  2. Inventory management optimization Nothing and no one can care better about your inventory than modern technologies: one solution brings human errors down to zero. Proper storage, labeling, packaging, availability – all this can be monitored with advanced solutions based on computer vision and artificial intelligence.

  3. Creating an outstanding customer experience With every innovation, you increase chances of reaching a larger audience and customer loyalty. From applying virtual assistants to providing 24/7 shipment monitoring – all these features will make potential clients choose your service over the market competition.

  4. Transparent operations The freight data has never been more accessible: see how the workflow is organized and identify bottlenecks.
    Modern logistics solutions provide both real-time information and immediate reports upon your request. This, in turn, accelerates decision-making and all processes closely tied to shipping operations.

  5. Service time reduction It takes only one solid logistics solution to manage the whole transportation process and remove redundant activities. Such software will withstand the increasing number of customers through automated invoicing, provide accurate delivery, and thus, help you stay on top of every task.

  6. Data-based predictions There is some space for AI magic in the logistics world. Analyzing hundreds and thousands of data pieces, algorithms identify trends and patterns to build further predictions. Technologies know all probable outcomes of your today's actions and can potentially safeguard you from upcoming risks and threats.

See What Your Business Can Gain by Choosing CHI Software Logistics Solutions

Advanced technology

Cutting-edge software can remove unnecessary daily tasks and operational risks that weigh your company down. We use our AI, machine learning, and big data capabilities to offer non-trivial solutions to your business.

End-to-end development

Let’s travel this journey together: from the discovery phase and prototyping to final testing and delivery. We are the team to assist you and provide the highest quality on each software development stage.

Ongoing project scaling

One or dozens of our developers – we can reinforce your project at any stage with any number of talents you need. Having an established hiring process and 800+ specialists, we guarantee top-notch logistics software development expertise.

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