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Use the full potential of real estate digitalization and improve all operations: from buying to selling or renting property. Our engineers never stop mastering the latest technologies and approaches to help you discover new business perspectives.

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Real Estate Industry Overview

Real estate is one of the best-established industries in the world. The faces of cities with their industrial buildings and residential areas are constantly changing. The issue stands out sharply while the world population continues to grow. 

What businesses need in this context is a good command over their working processes, informational flows, and relations with customers. Realizing this need, companies turn to property technology (or proptech for short) aimed to reshape businesses through innovations. 

CHI Software is one team to cover your essential and collateral software development needs. We have hundreds of engineers on board, supported by business analysts, UI/UX designers, and project managers, who will help you work more effectively and grow your profit.

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Real Estate Software Development Services & Solutions We Provide

  • Cloud-based platforms

    Storing data in the cloud gives access to corporate information across available smart devices. Real estate specialists can manage user data wherever they go and easily share it with colleagues. The risk of losing information is reduced to a minimum.

  • Online marketplaces

    Potential property buyers expect the purchase to be flawless, just like any other type of online shopping. You can exceed their expectations with a fast and user-friendly platform connecting hundreds of buyers and sellers within one environment.

  • Property management software​

    Provide landlords and real estate agents with a working tool for their daily activities. Such software helps them track accommodations, tenants, rent payments, maintenance issues, and other aspects of work for higher productivity.

  • Platforms for managing transactions

    Being one of the most delicate ​and time-consuming issues, financial management in real estate requires special attention. You can load off the shoulders of property managers with modern software for tracking and calculating payments.

  • Mobile apps for real estate managers

    As property managers are often ​on the go, a mobile app has become an essential part of their routine. This instrument provides a full overview of clients’ history and contact details and may contain some handy features to get the work done faster, such as to-do lists or auto-reply messaging.

  • CRM and ERP systems

    Thanks to their rich functionality, such systems serve as a full-fledged workspace for all kinds of real estate specialists. Here, you can collect and store client profiles and history, track statistics of transactions, communicate with other specialists, and more. The final system’s structure may vary heavily depending on the individual business needs.

  • Automation systems

    Property managers often have to deal with the repetitive tasks of sending follow-up emails and notifications, uploading client data to a CRM system, scheduling appointments, etc. Automation systems can do all that (including personalized messaging) using AI innovations.

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Tackle Business Challenges with Real Estate Software Solutions

  1. Boosted data management efforts Get full control over your data flows in the digitally-driven era. Innovations help you prioritize what truly matters and make every data piece work for your business development.

  2. Enhanced customer experience Well-thought software brings your clients and employees closer to their goals. Buying or selling becomes easy with intuitive navigation and necessary information at hand.

  3. Improved relations with clients Modern real estate solutions allow property managers to quickly access a client database and immediately respond to emerging requests. This, in turn, boosts the company's sales and market reputation.

  4. Well-established working processes Multipurpose real estate platforms allow businesses to organize and automate a big chunk of daily tasks and direct more efforts towards solving risky or challenging issues.

  5. Easy investing for buyers Buying property or paying rent can now be a matter of several clicks. High security standards and access to multiple payment methods make stress-free transactions possible.

  6. Timely and detailed reporting In-built workflow tools provide analytics and data infographics covering any period of time. It takes seconds to build a spotless report, while managers can focus on creative and mind-consuming work.

See What Your Business Can Gain by Choosing CHI Software Solutions for Real Estate

ISO-approved quality standards

CHI Software officially received ISO 9001 and ISO 27001 certifications to manifest our commitment to quality services and internationally-recognized data protection measures.

Extensive AI skill set

We can spice up your real estate software with sophisticated AI features: chatbots, data analytics, workflow automation, etc. From enhanced communication to improved decision-making – we provide next-level solutions.

Vast cloud computing expertise

Our DevOps engineers use traditional and innovative cloud computing practices, providing the full spectrum of services from consulting to cloud integration and optimization.

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