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Insurance Industry Overview

The present-day insurance services encounter a bunch of new challenges that have a direct impact on the entire industry: economic instability, lack of customers’ trust, an excessive amount of data for analysis, and outdated processes.

In these circumstances, insurance businesses need a backup plan to keep up with competitors and remain in demand. Insurtech appears to be the best way to cope with the situation. But the question is, how many companies are ready for tech transformation? A whole lot of entrepreneurs don’t know how to apply insurance software development to their business strategy. Or they think it requires huge investments. Our team will help you solve this task and adapt to the new reality.

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Insurtech Software Development Services & Solutions We Provide

  • CRM systems

    Essential software to track, analyze, and share customer data, communication flows, demand trends, and sales statistics.

  • Virtual assistants (chatbots)

    AI instruments that can answer FAQs, explain company services in more detail, or make minor personalized offers based on the client’s history.

  • Native and cross-platform mobile apps

    An opportunity to make your business accessible from any smartphone and provide on-the-go operations, mobile transactions, and push notifications.

  • Document and claim management systems

    An effective way to significantly reduce routine tasks and personnel’s workload by automating document flow.

  • Big data analytics solutions

    Powerful tools to extract valuable insights from every piece of the customer data and get a deeper understanding of your clients and their motivation.

  • Cloud-based solutions (SaaS, PaaS)

    Multipurpose instruments to store corporate data, host software, and integrate APIs, marketing tools, ERP, CRM solutions, etc.

  • Enterprise resource planning software (ERP)

    Complex software aimed to control organizational data flows and manage numerous daily activities and documentation.

  • Predictive analytics tools

    An innovative way to look ahead and identify potential business risks, customer trends, and analytics for marketing campaigns based on the available business data.

  • IoT solutions

    Connected devices and their data allow agents to assess risks, set insurance rates for each case individually, and prevent potential threats.

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Tackle Business Challenges with Insurance Software Solutions

  1. Customer experience Study your client’s journey through real-time data and adapt your offering based on demand trends, behavior patterns, and price tolerance.

  2. Process optimization Identify workflow bottlenecks and low-value operations that inhibit your business progress. Fix process flaws with intuitive technological tools.

  3. Staff productivity Help your employees work more efficiently by assigning repetitive tasks to smart algorithms. Let people focus on what they do best – creative mental work.

  4. Legal compliance Keep regulations under the radar using intelligent regulatory technology. Get real-time reports and 24/7 monitoring with minimal human intervention.

  5. Cut in time and expenses Save your budget with fast and error-free insurtech software. Reduce the time needed to finish operations and get more accurate results.

  6. Cybersecurity Put a security fence between your insurance business and continuous cyber threats. Protect gigabytes of personal data and gain more trust from your customers.

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