Way of Work

Our job is to make innovations approachable through bug-free coding, consistent communication, and well-established processes. We make ideas come true using international development standards.


How We Work

End-to-end software development

Our team provides a complete cycle of services and offers turnkey product development to our clients. The working process involves several stages: detailed idea validation, selecting the optimal tech stack, preparing product design, picking the right development team, creating an MVP to probe the market, testing the final product, and supporting it after the launch. Regardless of the scope of work, we cooperate with clients based on the engagement model of their choice: outstaffing or outsourcing.

Team augmentation

We are ready to offer outstaffing services to any team, at any project stage. CHI Software helps to fill in the personnel gaps fast and keep your work rolling. With a pool of hundreds of experts, we address all kinds of development needs and provide a persistently high level of quality.


Our team provides product discovery services to help our clients minimize business risks and find some room for improvement. We analyze software development ideas or existing solutions to help you find your business niche, prepare project documentation, or figure out development costs.

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Working scheme

dashed-stroke-start Primary idea dashed-stroke
Primary idea
Software requirements dashed-stroke
Software requirements
Project documentation dashed-stroke
Project documentation
UI-UX design dashed-stroke
UI/UX design
Software development dashed-stroke
Software development
Testing dashed-stroke
Product release dashed-stroke
Product release
Maintenance dashed-stroke-end

Challenges We Help You Solve

Providing engineering workforce fast

We have a team of more than 800 technical and non-technical experts for your development needs to help you avoid hiring risks and reduce the time for onboarding.

Preparing in advance

Better safe than sorry. Our consultancy services touch on every aspect of your product: idea validation, initial market research, code review, and UI/UX review.

Developing complex software

We don’t avoid challenges – we grow through them. Our team focuses on products with unique sets of features and makes them real. Do you have a challenge in mind? We’re up for it!

Our Methodologies

quality approach
Development methodology and quality approach

The main ambition of CHI Software is to be recognized as a customer-oriented and quality-driven provider. Our team aims at mutually profitable partnerships with customers by committing to international standards, agreed costs, and project schedules. In November 2021, the company received ISO 27001 and ISO 9001 certifications to prove this statement officially and apply it to internal and external business processes.


The development process at CHI Software follows the criteria described in ISO 2500 standards that help evaluate software quality. CHI Software supports clear communication and provides instant access to information to every partner. We’ve achieved this by connecting our clients with project management interfaces used by all team members.

remote development
Stable remote development

CHI Software has established a remote development policy to manage the whole spectrum of working processes and interactions. The policy includes the list of the management staff responsible for the team’s workload, data protection measures, and available software development tools & technologies.


Also, CHI Software follows the rules of communication ethics and uses a set of instruments to manage distributed teams. To establish transparent reporting, we use a three-step model, which includes daily, weekly, and monthly reports. Finally, all team members follow work-from-home guidelines and data protection measures.

We made it happen

We made it happen! See case studies in detail

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Taking Security to the Next Level

security policy
Our security policy

CHI Software takes essential measures to protect the information, computer systems, devices, infrastructure, workstations, computing servers, and other equipment from potentially dangerous internal & external threats.

The company takes full responsibility for complying with the security legislation. It includes:

  • copyright
  • personal information
  • state laws and regulations
  • workers’ health and safety requirements
  • fire safety requirements

Information security is provided with a number of measures, involving data and device encryption, several firewall stages, everyday backups, regular system updates, closed repository servers for each project, etc.

Contract terms
Contract terms

We collaborate with clients on the basis of fixed-price or time & material contracts.

Regardless of the type, we ensure to previously discuss and include the following sections:

  • scope of work
  • project time and cost
  • acceptance testing
  • intellectual property
  • confidentiality

The last two points are of the biggest importance and require special attention. According to the contract, our clients own the source code to be able to modify it in the future. All project materials are destroyed as soon as the project is finished. And the code belongs to the client in case of unexpected contract termination. The confidential data agreed with our clients remains private even if the contract is complete.

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