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CHI Software in-house teams use only modern frontend, backend and cloud technologies to deliver custom web development solutions. We take case-to-case approach to building user-friendly websites.


Strategy Mapping

Flexible approaches, determined Subject Matter Experts and outlined quality expectations can help you enjoy great new things in business without worrying about ‘how it should be done’ - ever.

Startup Support

We will skyrocket your success with our expertise when it is most needed! Providing startup support in terms of Vision and Value capture, Marketing, evaluation or immediate provision of staff members to your cause.

Startup Support

Performance Enablers

Digitization of business is the new domain, and moving to cyberspace creates opportunities for optimization. Our Cloud Consultants and DevOps teams will gladly access your product to add agility and scalability into it.

Performance Enablers

Implementation services

Team is the core of strategy execution. Hand-picked and built to adhere best development practices and operational standards, our teams have delivered Web and Desktop Applications on numerous stacks, all covered by exquisite Quality Assurance.

Implementation services


Our teams are experience-trained in managing great applications - from value capture and initial vision to successful delivery & launch, creating the best Native or iOS\Android Solutions.



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How we work

  1. Goal determination
    Goal determination

    Business analysis, defining project
    objectives and requirements, cost and
    effort estimation, process planning.

  2. Design

    Creating User Experience (UX) and
    User Interface (UI) design, building
    brand identity.

  3. Development

    Developing new projects from scratch,
    updating and modernizing existing
    products, application consolidation.

  4. Testing

    Debugging and quality assurance,
    performance and security testing,
    functional testing and usability evaluation.

  5. Development

    Moving the final product from
    the staging to the production environment
    and making it available for the end users.

  6. Product Support
    Product Support

    Monitoring and maintaining customers’
    systems and applications, providing
    technical support and troubleshooting.

Featured projects

Clients Reviews

Warren Lorrenz

Co-Founder and CEO TechMeetsTrader


CHI Software team is the best remote development solution I've found. Our team at TechMeetsTrader worked with CHI Node.js team to develop a highly scalable web application for online investors. The experience was great! Every developer spoke proficient English, was highly motivated, and consistently performed on the task at hand. Managers were easily reachable and committed to excellence. I look forward to working with CHI Software team in the near future.

Michael Tanfilov

CEO, Democra.C


We have an in-house technical team but we needed a partner who could perform development in fields which we couldn’t cover. CHI Software has designed and developed an iOS and Android app, including its server backend and the site crawler it uses — it’s a big part of our system. They took the solution from a MVP to its final stage. We’ve been very satisfied with the team, they are very good in terms of planning, project management and customer care.

Olek Shestakov

President, Insurtech Startup


Well, we met CHI Software team 2 years ago and started off with a single web application. Since then this company is our reliable software development partner, be it something fast and easy, like a feature update or a profound architecture building. We have own technical team in-house, still, when we are in need of a partner who can urgently perform some extra development or a quality head hunting for us, CHI Software comes in. Always in time.


Bulat Rakhimberdiev

Media Markt


Media Markt worked with CHI Software for over 4 years. During this time the CHI team made important contributions to our e-commerce projects and to one of our core propitiatory technology in the area of distributed data synchronization. Alongside outstanding technical skills, these engineers have always been highly reliable in terms of quality and deadlines. Taking into consideration my experience, I would highly recommend working with CHI engineering team.

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