Remote monitoring software: Connected Nursery

We developed an application that acts as a central control hub, allowing parents to manage and monitor various functionalities in their baby's nursery, including night light, white sound, camera monitoring, and tracking the baby's vital signs. It provides a comprehensive solution for ensuring the baby's comfort, safety, and well-being.

Project background

Child safety is a primary concern for parents, and smart nursery devices offer an additional layer of security. A connected nursery is a childcare facility that leverages smart technology and connected devices to enhance children’s care and safety while providing parents convenience and peace of mind. The market for connected nursery solutions has been experiencing steady growth, with the global smart nursery market projected to reach USD 1.75 billion by 2028, according to a recent report by Grand View Research.

In a survey conducted by BabyCenter, it was found that 42% of millennial parents in the US own at least one smart nursery product, indicating a significant interest in connected nursery solutions among tech-savvy parents.

Connected nursery solutions offer convenience to parents by enabling remote monitoring of their child’s health, activities, and well-being. Features such as real-time video streaming, temperature monitoring, and smart alerts ensure that parents can stay connected even when physically separated from their children.

Our client is a dynamic US-based startup dedicated to developing smart IoT solutions for childcare. We have collaborated with the client’s team to create an innovative remote monitoring assistant, a central control hub for all connected smart devices, that empowers parents with comprehensive insights and complete control over their child’s health statistics and daily activities.

Our solution seamlessly integrates with various smart home devices, smartphones, laptops, wearables, and more. This seamless integration ensures that parents can stay connected and well-informed from any location, enabling them to easily monitor and manage their child’s well-being.

  • Duration: January 2020 – Ongoing
  • Location: The USA
  • Industry: Healthcare
  • Services:
  • MVP, mobile app development, embedded application development

Business needs

– Remote Monitoring: Parents can monitor children and their activities remotely using video cameras and audio. This allows parents to ensure the safety and well-being of their babies while they are not near.

– Connectivity: Unite at least three devices into one app service. These products include a baby movement monitor, a remote IP camera, and an atmosphere lamp (sound and light machine). The app should provide the capability to manage these devices and set scenarios. Additionally, it should offer insights and statistics about the baby’s sleep patterns and alert parents when the baby wakes up.  

Security and safety: This Connected nursery solution should include an access control system, panic button, and alarm to enhance the apartment’s security.

– Apartment environmental monitoring: Connected sensors should monitor factors like temperature, humidity, and air quality within the nursery room. 

– Child’s health and activity documentation: The solution provides tools for planning and documenting children’s activities, such as daily schedules and health reports. 

– Data analysis and reporting: The solution should generate reports and analyze data related to various aspects of childcare, including attendance, activities, and child development.

Parent engagement and satisfaction: This Smart nursery solution should offer mobile apps that connect parents with their child’s nursery experience.

Product features

  1. Remote monitoring. Remote monitoring assistant for parents
  2. Notifications. Receiving notifications about kid’s heart and breath rates and activity 
  3. Reports. Creating detailed reports about kid’s activity and health state 
  4. Analytics. Viewing kid’s data, including detailed graphs for the set period 
  5. Timer. Set timer and schedule needed atmosphere in the room, like one for ‘Feeding’
  6. Settings. A variety of settings for using the application


We created a smart remote monitoring assistant for the parents to fully understand their baby’s health stats and activity. The solution connects to smart home devices, smartphones, laptops, wearables, etc.  ​ 

– This remote child monitoring assistant displays the following data: ​baby activity log,​ a child’s breath rate, heart rate,​baby’s sleep stats,​ current time and room temperature, and video stream from a connected camera. 

– Parents have access to Camera options, such as adjusting the volume, taking a snapshot, etc. They can also get a list of all apps and controllers, for example, ‘Lights,’ that controls the light device in the baby’s room. 

– The app users receive important app notifications in case the system detects something dangerous such as the baby’s heart rate is too high, etc. The app and service send notifications to parents about various events, when it is necessary to check on the baby, for example. 

– The dashboard contains widgets for paired devices, allowing users to view their current state and manage them. Users can turn on music or lights, select a predefined ambiance, or create custom settings.

Our technology stack

  • React Native with Android and iOS native modules
  • Redux Toolkit
  • React Native Reanimated v3
  • Tuya IoT platform
  • AWS IoT
  • Bluetooth Low Energy
  • AWS Amplify
  • AWS Cognito
  • AWS Lambda
  • C/C++
  • Matlab
  • Digital Signal Processing

Client values

  1. Increased parents’ engagement by 15%, leading to a rise in parent satisfaction ratings.
  2. Increased parent satisfaction rate by 10% due to the ability to remotely monitor children’s activities and well-being.
  3. Reduction in security incidents by 5%, leading to an increase in child safety.
  4. Improved indoor air quality, resulting in a 9% decrease in respiratory illnesses among children.
  5. Streamlined documentation processes leading to a 15% reduction in manual time spent on activity planning and health reports.
  6. Increased data-driven decision-making by 15%, resulting in a 10% improvement in operational efficiency.

Employee testimonial

Testimonial Yakiv Vakoliuk
Yakiv Vakoliuk JavaScript Developer

I’m proud to be an integral part of the development team for a project that greatly enhances the lives of parents and children. Our smart remote monitoring assistant seamlessly integrates with various IoT devices, including a baby movement monitor, video camera, and ambient lamp&sound. Through our app, parents can effortlessly access and monitor information from these devices, presented in intuitive interfaces. One essential feature is real-time updates on the child's well-being during sleep, providing peace of mind to parents. The app is a central control hub, allowing users to create schedules and scenarios for device operations based on room activities. Additionally, the camera functionality enables remote visual and audio monitoring, and facilitates communication between parents and child.

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