Healthcare platform

This software solution encompasses diverse functionalities, providing valuable tools for patients and doctors/physicians. With a focus on efficiency and seamless communication, the product is poised to transform the healthcare landscape in Central Asia and beyond.

Project background

The client’s main idea was to create an automated app for healthcare professionals with a huge amount of diverse functionality for this sector for patients and doctors.

Being one of the most extremely profitable niches in the world, the pharma sector needs facilitation in business process management no less than in other industries. The total global pharmaceutical market rose to 1.25 trillion U.S. dollars in 2019. The US takes the leading positions with 40% of the market share and predictions to overcome $685 billion by 2023 in its growth.

The pandemic accelerated the process of contactless access to drugs and healthcare apps for patients. Pharma B2C businesses in countries with an imperfect legislative system concerning sales of medicines received relief and the opportunity to reach the customer faster. Namely, they can now offer to shop healthcare marketplace online. Under quarantine and after, many countries allowed distance selling drugs to the public over the Internet.

Our customer is a telemedicine startup willing to change the outdated healthcare sector, digitalize and thus improve the customer experience: from pharm marketplace to real-time video calls between doctors/physicians and their patients and more.

  • Duration: June 2020 – ongoing
  • Location: Central Asia
  • Industry: Healthcare
  • Services:
  • Product Discovery, MVP development, Native mobile app development, Marketplace Development, UI/UX Design, Custom software development

Business needs

The client’s main idea was to create an automated secure platform for healthcare professionals.

We started with a high-load healthcare marketplace, offering a rich catalog of medical goods and secure payments.

Then we added new helpful functionalities to this healthcare solution:

– Online consultations with doctors/physicians via chat or video

– Forum with articles on medical topics

– Directory of medical institutions, and more

The main business challenges were:

– To deploy a new environment on the client’s physical servers. According to GDPR rules in Kazakhstan, they cannot use cloud solutions, i.e., from Azure or AWS. Therefore, all data should be stored and processed on physical servers only.

– To create and support a high-load healthcare data platform with many end-users.

– To find a team for custom healthcare app development and sync all platforms of interest: web, desktop, and native mobile.

Product Features

– Set helpful appointment reminders. Thanks to a convenient and easy-to-use calendar, a patient and a physician can set up different types of appointment reminders (in-app notification, SMS, or email).

– Online consultation with a doctor/physician (via video conferencing or chat). We used WebRTC SDC for real-time online chat, video, and audio messages between patients and physicians.

– Schedule a call with your doctor/physician. A registered healthcare platform, patients can schedule a video call with their physician.

– E-prescription processing. After an online consultation, a physician creates an e-prescription so that physicians and other medical practitioners can send an electronic prescription to a pharmacy directly from the point of care.

– Payment for online orders and delivery. Based on the received e-prescription, the patient can purchase the needed medicine and order door-to-door delivery.

– Online healthcare marketplace. On receiving the e-prescription, the patient can search for needed medicine without leaving the platform, in the online drug store.


– We developed a complex telemedicine solution covering the entire healthcare digitalization process on the web and mobile platforms.  

To fully meet the client’s business needs, we started with a product discovery phase, analyzing competition and market. 

Since the project requirements and features change regularly, we offered custom healthcare app development.  

The first big release was a high-load marketplace with a rich catalog of goods and secure payments.

For users to easily manage the solution, we created a convenient Admin Panel with several roles.

To save time and money for our client, our design team offered an adaptive UI/UX design for all platforms. Moreover, we designed a system where changing the entire UI kit is easy.

We created an animated healthcare platform prototype for the customer to complete the MVP stage. Currently, we are working on project improvements. 

Our technology stack

  • Amazon Cloud
  • JavaScript
  • React JS
  • Java
  • iOS
  • Android
  • WebRTC SDC
  • PostgreSQL
  • RabbitMQ
  • JODConverter
  • Ant Design

Our development team offered a native backend on Java and our version of mobile SDC for stable and precise healthcare data platform work.

For instance, we successfully used WebRTC SDC for online chat, video, and audio messages. Web Real-Time Communication (WebRTC) is both an open-source project and specification that enables real-time media communications like voice, video, and data transfer natively between browsers and devices.

Client values

  1. We conducted a profound Product Discovery phase with competitors and market research, analysis of the best practices, and offered project estimation.
  2. Our design team offered an adaptive UI/UX design for all involved platforms. Moreover, we designed a system where it’s easy to change the entire UI kit, saving time and money for our customer.
  3. The CHI team also created all needed project documentation, including product specification and technical documentation.
  4. We provided custom healthcare app development. Our team created 2 native mobile apps: for Android and iOS users.
  5. Our web team created a responsive healthcare marketplace on Magento.
  6. We created a convenient Admin Panel to manage the solution.
  7. Our DevOps Engineer deployed a stable environment on physical servers without breaking cloud restrictions.
  8. We created an animated healthcare platform prototype for the customer to complete the MVP stage.

Employee testimonial

Healthcare platform testimonial
Vlad Kosyi Solution Arhitect

The main peculiarity of working on this healthcare platform was that the requirements and changes for the functionality were added after the work had started. A lot of ideas were accepted in the process of discussions. In general, the platform's functionality is complex and very extensive, so it was challenging and interesting to look for options for how this could work on different devices. It was interesting to work on healthcare mobile app design and other platforms at the same time, to look for options to adapt the desktop functionality for mobile devices, for example. Glad that we came up with such a great solution.

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