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Move your business to the cloud for easy data management and game-changing performance. Accelerate product updates and quickly respond to changing market conditions.

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Our Journey in the Clouds

CHI Software started specializing in cloud app development back in 2009. Since then, our team has grown from 30+ to 800+ experts, while the cloud computing market has been evolving progressively.

We help our clients take full advantage of cloud computing solutions, given their individual business needs. Through business analysis, we prioritize our efforts and pick the best cloud platform or approach for each particular product.

Our cloud application development is not limited to the most popular providers – we adapt to unique requirements and can use local cloud platforms. Our team helps you future-proof your software and data infrastructure regardless of the domain and product complexity.

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What You Receive with Our Cloud-Based Development Services

10+ years of expertise in the cloud

We can guide you through the diverse cloud universe and advise on the best possible cloud-based software for your data infrastructure.

AWS and Microsoft partnership

Our experts have taken special educational programs from the leading cloud providers to offer the highest quality of our cloud development services and consultancy.

Secure ISO-certified services

Our company received the ISO 27001 and ISO 9001 certifications to manage the project data according to security and quality-focused standards.

Our awards and certifications

designrush AI Award
microsoft gold
top 100 global outsourcing
iso 9001-2015
ai excellence award
iso 27001-2015
aws certified
the manifest most reviewed companies
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Cloud Providers We Partner With

Amazon web services

Market leader with the most impressive scope of provided services.

Microsoft Azure
Microsoft Azure

Platform often chosen by enterprises using other Microsoft products because of their tight connectivity.

Cloud Deployment Models We Specialize In

Change your approach to data management forever. Get access to a plethora of opportunities through modern cloud implementation models and their fusion.
  • Private cloud

    Infrastructure created for one specific organization according to its needs and characteristics.
    It requires investing in physical data storage and additional security layers.

  • Public cloud

    Web platforms offering cloud storage based on a paid subscription. The cloud infrastructure is already developed and can be adapted to specified requirements. It is a less costly option used by most companies.

  • Hybrid cloud

    A mix of on-premises software, private, and public cloud infrastructures. Several data management options allow you to maximize business agility as one of the advantages on the competitive market.

  • Multi-cloud

    Data distribution between two or more clouds from different vendors. It is a more advanced version of the hybrid cloud to achieve higher operational flexibility and work transparency, as well as handle increasing data loads.

  • Distributed cloud

    Several geographically distributed public clouds managed, adjusted, and updated from one main cloud. A common data center makes it different from a multi-cloud, ensuring better data management.

  • Community cloud

    A collaborative initiative aimed at sharing one cloud infrastructure between several organizations with similar needs and goals. It facilitates the workflows of joint activities (projects, research, tenders, etc.).

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Cloud-Connected Services We Provide

  1. SaaS (Software as a Service) Providing access to cloud-based online software and adjusting it to a particular business infrastructure (for example, CRM and ERP systems).

  2. PaaS (Platform as a Service) Cloud-based application development on a ready-to-use platform offered by third-party providers. They allow businesses to build software from scratch with a faster time to market (for example, Google App Engine and AWS Elastic Beanstalk).

  3. Cloud migration Process of moving corporate data and software to a cloud infrastructure, retaining data structure, and ensuring high security.

  4. Cloud architecture audit In-depth analysis of the existing infrastructure: operations, performance, recovery tests, and resource optimization.

  5. Security audit Checking the system’s protection according to the international standards: request traceability, security layers, authentication, encryption requirements, etc.

  6. Big data cloud computing Cloud software development activities to create secure storage for large amounts of data and ensure its accessibility and data management agility.

  7. AI/ML cloud computing The combination of data storage and AI capabilities, which allows you not only to store information but also derive meaningful insights from it through powerful algorithms.

  8. IoT cloud computing Infrastructure for data transferred from interconnected devices with the ability to analyze delivered results.

  9. Support & maintenance Continuous monitoring and upgrading of the existing cloud infrastructure according to industry demands and current business needs.

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