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Are you looking for something better than machine learning? Move further and gain more power with our MLOps consulting services. The CHI team optimizes your ML workflow to achieve its maximum efficiency and drive your business forward, even under uncertain market conditions. s your ML workflow to achieve its maximum efficiency and drive your business forward, even under uncertain market conditions.

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MLOps Consulting Services We Provide

We offer expert guidance on MLOps to effectively manage machine learning projects. Our services include assessing current capabilities and implementing industry-standard practices to maintain a production-ready ML environment.
  • MLOps Strategy and Roadmap Development

    It's your first step where we help you lay out a comprehensive plan to guarantee that your ML project doesn't just launch successfully but also continues to thrive and deliver value over time. Together, we will define project vision and goals, assess current capabilities, pick the best tech stack for your needs, and many more.

  • ML Model Development & Validation

    Before optimizing ML workflows, you may need to develop a machine learning model from scratch. Our job is to craft such a model, preprocess your data, train and test an ML solution, evaluate it, and so on. In other words, CHI will cover any ML-related task and make it work for your business exclusively, regardless of its size and goals.

  • ML Pipeline Setup

    Keep your machine learning workflow in order thanks to custom-built pipelines. Their main goal is to automate and streamline the model training process through a series of well-thought-out steps. From data preparation to processing – we help you manage every operation.

  • Model Deployment

    Only proper deployment will bring you the business benefits you expect from a machine learning solution. Our AI experts put your ML models into production to train them on real data and provide high-quality insights. We use all famous cloud platforms like AWS, Google Cloud, and Microsoft Azure to exceed your expectations.

  • Model Monitoring

    Now, let’s check if everything goes according to the plan. Real-time monitoring gives much space for improvement and signals if anything goes wrong at this very moment. We will always stay on top of your software’s quality and help you fine-tune your ML solution as soon as any issues occur.

What to Expect? Our MLOps Consulting Process

  1. Discovery & Assessment

    This is the "getting to know you" stage. We dive deep into your current operations, tools, and objectives. Our team assesses your data, infrastructure, and existing ML models (if any) to understand the challenges and opportunities.

    • You get a crystal-clear snapshot of where you stand, including the strengths, weaknesses, and potential gaps in your current ML practices.
  2. Strategy & Planning

    After the discovery phase, CHI consultants outline a strategic plan. We define project goals, select suitable tools & technologies, and map out the ML integration process into your operations.

    • A tailor-made blueprint that guides you to ML operationalization, complete with milestones, tech stack recommendations, and an implementation roadmap.
  3. Implementation & Execution

    This is where the rubber meets the road. Our engineers help you set up the necessary infrastructure, develop or fine-tune ML models, and integrate them into your workflows. Automation and continuous integration/continuous delivery (CI/CD) practices for ML are key focuses here.

    • Your ML models are up and running, smoothly synchronized with your business processes, and you start seeing the tangible benefits of your ML investments.
  4. Monitoring & Optimization

    With your ML solutions in the wild, it's important to keep an eye on their performance. Our team monitors model accuracy, performance, and overall impact on business results. We also look for opportunities to improve and optimize current workflows.

    • Continuous insights into your ML models’ performance with adjustments and optimization along the way to ensure they remain effective for your business.
  5. Scaling & Evolution

    As your business and data grow, your ML needs will evolve. Our consultants help you scale your ML operations by adding more models or enhancing existing ones and adapting processes to manage increased complexity.

    • An ML ecosystem that grows with your business, able to handle increased demands and continue to drive value.
  6. Knowledge Transfer

    A vital part of the process is ensuring that your team isn't dependent on consultants forever. We provide training, documentation, and best practices to empower your team to take the reins of your ML operations.

    • Your team is upskilled, confident, and ready to manage, iterate, and expand your ML initiatives.
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How Will Your Business Benefit from MLOps Consulting Services?

  1. Faster time to market You can speed up the creation and implementation of ML models if you tap into our know-how. We are here to streamline everything from getting data ready to deploying the model, significantly reducing the time to get those models up and running in real-world scenarios.

  2. Boosted workflow efficiency Our MLOps consultants are the only team you need to design and implement processes that make your ML operations super efficient. We will easily eliminate those tedious, repetitive tasks to help you use available resources wisely for the long haul and focus on business priorities.

  3. Cost reduction Improved efficiency inevitably leads to reduced operational costs. With us by your side, you will decrease the time required for model training. You can also think of our team as a safety net for avoiding pesky mistakes that can slow you down or, worse, cost you a pretty penny.

  4. Risk mitigation The CHI engineers swoop in with their expertise to spot potential troubles or risks that might not be so obvious at first glance. We've got your back, whether it's making sure your data is private and secure, keeping an eye on sneaky biases in your models, or navigating the maze of regulations.

  5. Scalability aligned with your needs Our MLOps consultants are your personal guides through the jungle of scaling up machine learning systems. We'll show you the best tech and architectures that not only fit right with what you need but also grow with your business. Need to dial things up because business is booming? We've got you covered. Need to scale down a bit? No problem.

  6. Strategic advantage If machine learning is your secret weapon, our experts will help you wield that weapon like a pro. We'll show you how to make the most of your data and intelligent ML models to come up with new ideas, make smarter choices, and wow your customers. It's like being one step ahead and making your business the one everyone else is trying to catch up to.

Technologies to Achieve the Best Results

  • Data Collection and Processing Tools

    • Apache Spark
    • Databricks

  • Machine Learning and Deep Learning Frameworks

    • TensorFlow
    • PyTorch
    • scikit-learn

  • Containerization and Orchestration Tools

    • Docker
    • Kubernetes
    • Kubeflow

  • Model Deployment Platforms

    • AWS SageMaker
    • Google Cloud AI Platform
    • Microsoft Azure ML

  • Monitoring and Model Management Tools

    • MLflow

Why Businesses Choose CHI Software

Dedicated AI team

Innovations are our nature, so we keep growing and improving in the AI field. Our AI team counts 14 first-class engineers, successfully completing 60+ projects for businesses from healthcare, agriculture, construction, and other industries.

top technologies
Client-centered approach

We offer profound discovery and IT consulting services to learn more about your business needs and unique traits. Our approach is engineering with value for every client, and we’re ready to prove it from the first day of our collaboration.

development services
The full spectrum of development services

There’s not only AI behind our projects. CHI has 17 years of experience backed by 30 technologies as well as BA, UI/UX design, and QA services. We are 800 people who love what they do and are ready to share their dedication and passion with other businesses.

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MLOps processes are not easy to understand right away. But we have some questions covered for you.

  • What is MLOps? arrow

    MLOps (Machine Learning Operations) is a set of techniques and practices that combine traditional DevOps and innovative ML development. It is the best way to smoothly implement and regularly update machine learning models after they are ready for usage.

  • How can MLOps benefit my machine learning projects? arrow

    First of all, it allows you to achieve transparency and improve collaboration between data scientists, engineers, and decision-makers. It also helps optimize existing workflows and accelerate delivery with no damage to quality (!), which is so important when time means everything.

  • Can MLOps consulting help optimize existing machine learning workflows and infrastructure? arrow

    Strictly speaking, it’s the primary goal of MLOps consulting. You've already implemented innovations and can use the best of their potential. Our specialists analyze all of your current ML operations to offer the areas where they can become even better.

  • How can you help facilitate MLOps integration into my business operations? arrow

    CHI Software engineers can help you assess your current machine learning workflows, plan necessary changes, pick the tools that fit your needs better, and integrate them with your infrastructure. Finally, we can provide training and ongoing support for both your software and internal employees involved in ML-related processes.

  • How much do your MLOps consulting services cost? arrow

    The final cost of our MLOps consulting services heavily depends on what you're looking for. Are we talking about a quick tune-up to get your machine learning models humming nicely? Or are we considering fully transforming your ML operations into a sleek, high-performance machine? The scope of your project, the complexity of your needs, and how long we'll be in the trenches together all play into the final number. So, while we can't just toss a price tag right now, we definitely can chat about your needs. Once we've got a clear picture of where you're at and where you want to be, we can give you a tailored quote that fits just right.

  • How do you measure the success of your MLOps consulting projects? arrow

    We check on a few big things to see if our MLOps consulting is hitting the mark. Are we getting your models out the door faster? Are they performing better and making fewer mistakes? Have we managed to cut down on repetitive tasks by making things more automatic? Are we saving you some cash on the whole process? And the real cherry on top is hearing that you're happy with the changes and they're making a real difference in your work.


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