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Struggling to find the right talent for your computer vision (CV) solution? See your business growth clearly with the CHI team. From medical imaging to enhancing autonomous vehicles, we are right by your side to shake up your industry with our computer vision software development services.

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Our Computer Vision Expertise to Help You See Beyond Limits

  • Image Generation

    Create eye-catching visuals that leave a lasting impact. Get a unique touch for your product catalogs, social media posts, or web design. It's like a dedicated team that saves you resources and helps your brand shine in the visual realm.

  • Image Segmentation

    Get your magic pair of glasses to understand the intricate details within an image. Image segments highlight valuable insights, detect objects of interest, and power up decision-making. Most importantly, this niche works wonders in timely and detailed medical diagnosis.

  • Image Classification

    This super-smart assistant automatically analyzes and tags images you throw at it. Organize your visuals, improve their searchability, and uncover the potential behind your image-based info. There is hardly a better way to find what you need in a snap and boost your daily efficiency.

  • Object Tracking

    It's like a reliable detective monitoring moving objects 24/7 and tracking their activities in videos or real-time feeds. This is your sure way to uncover previously unnoticed patterns in surveillance, customer behavior analysis, autonomous vehicles, and many other niches.

  • Object Detection

    From now on, you can spot and identify objects in the blink of an eye. It will help you achieve the desired efficiency in many use cases, from top-notch security to excellent inventory management and well-targeted marketing.

  • Object Recognition

    Give your business a set of eagle eyes to spot new opportunities. Object recognition brings a pinch of automation to inventory management, in-depth data analytics, and first-class customer experience. This will not only save you time but open new avenues for business transformation.

  • Optical Character Recognition

    Think of it as your business's digital librarian turning every written word into searchable and editable text. It's a game-changer if you want to quickly organize and analyze huge amounts of information with no hassle of manual data entry.

  • Multiple View Geometry

    Algorithms help us carefully study the space around us to generate detailed 3D models. The received information is potentially one of the biggest revolutions in recent years for the construction, real estate, and product design industries.

  • Sensor Fusion

    This is an ultimate multi-tasker blending data from several sensors to create a super accurate real-time environment understanding. Sensor fusion is equally good at smart decisions and adapting to new information to keep your company steps ahead in efficiency and innovation.

  • Pose Estimation

    Imagine you have an expert capturing and understanding how people move. This is pose estimation in a nutshell. Collected insights about human motion help businesses understand their customers better, provide effective physical training, and keep employees safe.

Tools and Technologies for Outstanding Computer Vision Solutions

  • Image Generation

    • SEAN
    • PSGAN
    • WarpGAN
    • StyleGAN
    • Variational autoencoders

  • Image Segmentation

    • Max-flow graph cut
    • U-NET
    • Mask R-CNN
    • Faster R-CNN
    • YOLO

  • Image Classification

    • Residual Neural Network (ResNet)
    • YOLO
    • EfficientNet

  • Object Tracking

    • Optical flow method
    • Kalman filter
    • SIFT algorithm
    • SURF algorithm
    • ORB
    • Deep SORT
    • SiameseNet

  • Object Detection

    • HOG
    • Support Vector Machine (SVM)
    • SIFT algorithm
    • SURF algorithm
    • ORB
    • Haar cascade
    • RetinaNet
    • YOLO
    • Single-Shot Detector (SSD)
    • EfficientNet

  • Object Recognition

    • Image embeddings
    • Focal loss
    • Attention mechanisms

  • Optical Character Recognition

    • EAST
    • CRAFT
    • Tesseract
    • EasyOCR
    • PaddleOCR

  • Multiple View Geometry

    • Camera calibration
    • 3D reconstruction
    • Depth estimation

  • Sensor Fusion

    • Kalman filter
    • SLAM

  • Pose Estimation

    • OpenPose
    • PoseNet
    • High-Resolution Net (HRNet)

Computer Vision

What Benefits to Expect If You Give Computer Vision a Shot

  1. Enhanced workflow accuracy & efficiency Computer vision software development services automate and improve the accuracy of visual tasks traditionally done by humans, for example, inspecting products for quality control. Imagine how much time you save and how many errors you can avoid.

  2. One-of-a-kind customer experience CV has taken things up a notch, especially in shopping: think of personalized recommendations and virtual try-ons. Furthermore, it can speed up check-ins with facial recognition and make augmented-reality tours a regular thing in various facilities.

  3. Improved security You can toughen up your security system by spotting every move and detecting suspicious activities in real time. Using custom computer vision software development offers you a security guard that never sleeps.

  4. Access to data-driven insights With computer vision software development services, you can process piles of static or dynamic visual data and never miss a thing. Your business gets invaluable info about, for instance, customer behavior in a store or typical traffic patterns on the road.

  5. Cost savings Automated routine tasks and cut down errors save you a bunch of time & money resources. Now, it's up to you to decide the best way to spend these freed-up resources.

  6. Product & service opportunities Step by step, you open the door for innovative experiences that strengthen your market position for the years ahead. Augmented reality or hyper-personalized services - the future has already arrived.

Why Choose Us for the Most Complex CV Tasks

Various industries covered

CHI computer vision developers have built connected cars and vehicle health systems, image and speech recognition solutions, building plan approval systems, geosocial apps, and many more. Just name your AI challenge, and we’ve got you covered!

Striving for perfection in each project

We never aim for just okay. Our CV solutions are crafted to meet our client's specific needs and the unique characteristics of their data. Your business is like no one else’s, and we know how to maintain its individuality.

Open and transparent communication

Our team follows the Agile way of doing things and always keeps talking through our projects. We really focus on working well together and making AI accessible for all participants.

What Clients Say About Us


The Vodafone company successfully works with the mobile phone insurance company "Shid-Zahid", and the main criterion of the project’s success is the use of the INRISK platform, an online insurance portal developed by CHI Software. The concept of the INRISK platform fully coincides with the Vodafone Ukraine strategy to digitize offered services and shift them towards paperless technologies.
We can recommend СHI Software as a highly professional solution for insurance business management.

olena myronenko
Olena Myronenko

Director of VF Retail LLC


We required transferring a bank of services from IBM to Amazon for about 10 partially interconnected products. Also, there was a need for databases and outdated products refactoring. CHI Software provided us with a dedicated team for each product.The logic layers were rewritten for Amazon and managed by CHI experts in non-practical databases.The development ran smoothly, and we are more than satisfied with the work done.

Evgeny Borisov
Yevgen Borisov

Big Data Technical Leader at NAYA Technologies


Media Markt worked with CHI Software for over 4 years. During this time the CHI team made important contributions to our e-commerce projects and to one of our core propitiatory technology in the area of distributed data synchronization. Alongside outstanding technical skills, these engineers have always been highly reliable in terms of quality and deadlines. Taking into consideration my experience, I would highly recommend working with the CHISW engineering team.

Bulat Rakhimberdiev
Bulat Rakhimberdiev

Solution Manager, Media Markt

Even More Insightful Reading


Here is what you need to know about computer vision development

  • What is computer vision? arrow

    Computer vision is the process of teaching computers to see and understand the world just like humans do. Specific CV models and algorithms can process all sorts of visual data, whether photos, videos, or live camera feeds. Think of it as giving a computer eyes and a bit of a brain to make sense of what it sees.

  • How much does it cost to develop computer vision software? arrow

    Regarding computer vision software development, be ready for a minimal investment of 10,000 USD. This is a possible cost of building a proof of concept (PoC) or a minimal viable product (MVP) to test the waters, so to speak. But the final sum will depend on your needs, current tech infrastructure, and available data to feed a CV model.

  • What technologies and frameworks does your computer vision software development team specialize in? arrow

    The tech stack differs for each CV task, so we always use a mix of specialized software and programming languages. Some standard tech options involve machine learning frameworks like TensorFlow or PyTorch for building and training models. We also use programming languages like Python, which is popular because of its rich libraries and tools that perfectly match image processing and computer vision solutions. If you have sensor fusion in mind, we will imply Kalman filter and SLAM. In turn, GANs (Generative Adversarial Networks) are crucial for image generation tasks.

  • Who benefits from computer vision? arrow

    Pretty much everyone can benefit from computer vision in some way. Custom computer vision software development assists doctors in diagnosing diseases more accurately, improves the safety of autonomous cars, or helps retailers spot insights about the customer's behavior. It's also behind the magic of your smartphone camera automatically focusing and recognizing faces. So, whether you're snapping a selfie or navigating the roads, computer vision is there to make life a bit easier and safer.

  • Can you integrate your computer vision development services with existing software or systems? arrow

    As an experienced computer vision development company, we’re always flexible and can seamlessly integrate with your existing infrastructure. Our job is to make AI an integral part of your business workflow. So, whether you're looking to add intelligent features to your current setup or enhance it with advanced vision capabilities, we have the tech and know-how to make it happen smoothly.

  • What support and maintenance do you provide after implementing computer vision solutions? arrow

    Once we've got your computer vision software up and running, our support doesn't (and shouldn't) just end there. CV solutions must keep learning new data, requiring more support than any other tech tool. We're here to help your system stay sharp and efficient, from regular training updates to quick fixes for any unexpected hiccups.


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