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There is no limit to innovation. It drives our growth and changes the way we think and operate. At CHI Software, we bring modern solutions to every smartphone and desktop. We show our clients and their customers how the digital world can be different. Concepts become real, goals become achievable.

CHI Software has specialists on board to cover any of your development needs, at any stage of your project. You can cooperate with seasoned business analysts to conduct the discovery phase or find experienced engineers for your development team. We are here to help with the toughest challenges.
Shoulder to shoulder, we make the most out of your original idea. Your product vision combined with 17+ years of our development expertise will bring the expected results and even more. Well-established processes, beautiful designs, quality coding – your product is in professional hands.

product development

Our Software Product Delivery Process 

The success of each project at CHI Software is ensured by the guidelines of our Corporate Delivery Policy. According to this document, we apply Waterfall, Agile, and Iterative Delivery models, given the project’s individual requirements and characteristics. The following phases are recurrent in case of applying Agile or Iterative models and held once for the Waterfall model.

Recruirements process-arrow
Analysis-Planning process-arrow
Analysis & Planning
Design process-arrow
Coding process-arrow
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Our Product Development Process

  1. Discovery & Estimation

    Our business analysts look closely at your idea: what problems it covers and what users will be interested in it. We draw a draft of the product features list and reduce the risks of costly changes when the project starts.

    • User portrait
    • Detailed project requirements
    • UX wireframe
  2. Planning

    This is a stage to frame a schedule and detailed steps to achieve the project’s goal. It allows developers and clients to be on the same page, discuss expectations beforehand, and identify possible nuances.

    • Project timeline with milestones
    • Tech stack details
    • The list of project deliverables
  3. UI/UX Design

    Designers create the product’s visual representation and navigation based on user research.
    We ensure the design is understandable and customer-centric to make your product competitive

    • Style guide
    • Mockups (static design)
    • Prototypes (product sample)
  4. Development

    Engineers implement the project requirements, using the elaborated design, defined tech stack, and architecture. Coding includes frontend (interface development), backend (server-side development), and necessary integrations.

    • Product layout
    • Minimum Viable Product (MVP)
    • Essential features implemented
  5. Quality Assurance & Testing

    This step eliminates any errors and quality gaps before your customers notice them. We make sure the software matches the original requirements, does not contain bugs, works at a stable pace, and complies with data protection regulations.

    • Manual testing
    • Automated testing
    • Security check
  6. Deployment & Maintenance

    Our DevOps team deploys the product and makes it ready for continuous delivery. We build the firm ground for fast software updates and reduced time to market. Should any issues or challenges occur, we help you fix them promptly.

    • Source code
    • Product launch
    • Regular tech support

We Will Help You

800+ specialists on board

We find a perfectly matching candidate of any seniority and specialization for your project and strategy.

Complete set of services

Our services cover every stage of the development process: from consultation to final delivery and maintenance.

Transparent communication

We use several channels to ensure our clients receive regular updates and track development progress.

Product Development We Provide

Product development we provide

  • Cross Platform

    Cross Platform Mobile Apps

  • Cloud

    Cloud-based solutions

  • AI

    AI systems

  • Chatbots


  • E-commerce

    E-commerce solutions

  • CRM

    CRM systems

  • data analytics

    Big data analytics solutions

  • IoT

    IoT and embedded solutions

our technology stack

  • java
  • react
  • JavaScript
  • Python
  • Node js
  • c-plusplus
  • dot net framework
  • angular
  • android
  • iOS Apple
  • Flutter
  • embedded
  • ai ml


What bothers you when you think about outsourced product development services? Here we have some questions covered.

  • Is outsourcing a good idea for software product development services? arrow

    Yes, it is indeed a better idea to hire an outsourcing team for product development than invest in in-house specialists. In the long run, outsourcing services will take less time and budget than hiring an in-house team. Plus, outsourcing means that the whole world is open to you: you can find the best expert in any corner of the world.

  • How can I manage a remote product development team? arrow

    There are three principles for successful remote team management: autonomy, transparency, and communication. Autonomy implies no micromanagement and more freedom for employees to pick their work pace, order of tasks, and methods to finalize their tasks.

    To make your project transparent, all participants must clearly understand project goals, timeframes, and specifications at any development stage.

    The communication principle requires setting up one common communication channel for all your employees (in-house and outsourced). You should also schedule regular reporting and sync-up meetings for the project team to inform everyone about the current project status.

  • How does CHI Software guarantee the quality of product development services? arrow

    First and foremost, CHI Software has a dedicated department of vetted test engineers ready to support your project at any given moment. Our experts pick a unique set of testing tools for each project to achieve the highest quality. Besides, CHI Software is an ISO-certified company, meaning we are driven by quality across all services and operations.

  • What are the main risks of product development? arrow

    When it comes to new product development services, the biggest risk is to build a solution not welcomed by the target audience. Another risk is violating the project timing (which will damage the product strategy) if your team deals with innovative tech stacks. You should also avoid poorly arranged working processes, as they bring considerable operational and security risks.

  • How much do custom software product development services cost? arrow

    The minimum cost of product development (web or mobile) is 10,000 USD. The final sum depends on several factors, such as product complexity, number of features and required specialists, technologies used, etc. Our experts provide a rough cost estimation at the first consultation based on the market conditions and initial software requirements.


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