eWallet application for fintech startup

The client wanted to create a financial tool, an e-wallet app, that allows users to operate money via the web, and Android, and iOS smartphones using contactless payments.

Project background 

Now when cash and plastic are in the past, e-wallet apps are gaining markets. The shift in the retail sector has led to a huge uptake in digital wallets,especially in the UAE, which is aided by a highly conducive environment for innovation. The UAE is spearheading this field in the Arab Gulf region.

Needless to say, Covid-19 has helped lift digital wallet uptake big time in the Arabian Gulf, especially in the UAE, as customers increasingly opt for cashless, contactless transactions. Our customer is a fintech startup with the main focus on innovative smart solutions for daily financial operations.

The company initiated an evolution of trusted online financial transactions and facilitated all forms of digital money transfers for end-users.

The idea behind the project was to combine the best fintech apps practices in contactless, cashless transactions in one web and mobile solution, boost its security and provide end-users with an innovative digital experience.

  • Duration: Nov 2019 – Sept 2020
  • Location: Middle East
  • Industry: Fintech
  • Services:
  • Mobile app development, UI/UX design, Product discovery, Web development

Business needs

– To create a unique, stable, scalable, and secure high-load mobile wallet platform;  

– To be able to add new features to the e-wallet app without downtime and risk for initial solution architecture; 

– To have a solution for the web, and Android and iOS platforms 

– To finish the MVP development of the product for investors. 

Product features

  1. Connect different bank accounts
  2. Add money to an account
  3. Secure money transfers
  4. Contactless payments via NFC
  5. Real-time analytics
  6. Push notifications
  7. Geolocation
  8. Data synchronization


Our development team conducted a profound discovery phase and offered the design of a web app and 2 mobile apps for Android and iOS platforms. The system includes the collection of different web and mobile interfaces for use by different entities: admin, merchant, and customer.

We used NFC for contactless payments since the main app idea was to quickly transfer money without filling in bank details fields.

– Discovery sessions: analysis and estimation

– Creation of technical documentation

– UI/UX design for all platforms

– Prototypes and MVP

– Custom software development

– Software testing

– Product support

Our technology stack

  • Android, Kotlin
  • iOS, Swift
  • HTML
  • NFC
  • Docker
  • Git
  • GitLab

Client values

  1. We conducted the Discovery phase with market research and created tech documentation for the project
  2. We analyzed and implemented all the killer features of the e-wallet apps best practices on the global market
  3. We paid extra attention to transactions security
  4. Our team followed agile development, making it possible to add new features to the project flow with no risks
  5. We created stable, secure, and flexible solution for web and mobile platforms
  6. We created several working prototypes of the product so the client could present them to the investors and receive the next round of investment

Employee testimonial

Timofei Kasianov Java Developer

We started the work on this project when the ‘cardless apps’ had already entered the market. However, all products we found provided only one or two features for end-users. I mean, some were to keep the cards in one place, others helped with money transfers. There was no single app, especially on the Middle East market, to cover all daily needs with cards and transfers in one app back then. I’m glad I had a chance to make a change. We came up with several working prototypes that covered the most demanded features in all e-wallet apps. The biggest challenge for us, however, was to ensure that all transactions were fast and secure.

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