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Every successful solution has a story behind it. Year after year, one thing remains unchanged – our urge to create products that make an impact.
These are the collaborations we are proud to share.

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The SaaS Management Platform Solution

Our client is an Azure expert enterprise, and SaaS management platform holder specializing in client support, consulting and coast management, encountering individualized requests from various clients requesting reports.

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AI-Powered Linguistic ToolCase preview

AI-Powered Linguistic Tool

Our client is an outsourcing and product company that works with linguistic technologies. It produces some useful services by order (from Amazon, Microsoft, Oriflamme, etc.) or creates its own.

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Cross-Platform Health and Wellness Mobile App preview

Cross-Platform Health and Wellness Mobile App

Our client's project revolves around a state-of-the-art cross-platform mobile application, reshaping personalized health and wellness. Focused on empowering users toward healthier lifestyles, the healthcare app serves as a dynamic personal assistant, seamlessly integrating features like fitness tracking, nutrition insights, and mental wellness techniques.

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AI-Powered Banking Digital Assistant for a UK Commercial Bank preview

AI-Powered Banking Digital Assistant for a UK Commercial Bank

This project represents a groundbreaking initiative to transform traditional banking services in the UK by harnessing the power of AI. It positions the bank as an industry leader in innovation, customer service, and financial security, ultimately delivering superior value to its customers and stakeholders. The initial project aim was to modernize and optimize the web and mobile applications of a...

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Fleet management software development preview

Fleet management software development

A well-known logistics and transportation provider in the United States offers fleet management software solutions, namely a user interface (UI) for tracking and monitoring assets exclusively with their devices. This UI empowers users to make informed business decisions based on asset data.

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Truck tracking app development preview

Truck tracking app development

Our client is one of the leading American logistics enterprises, which provides high-quality logistics services and develops both sensors for trucks and software for these devices.

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Internet of Things IoT platform preview

Internet of Things IoT platform

Our client is a global Device-to-Cloud Internet of Things (IoT) technology company with a reach to nearly 750k developers and 20,000 business and enterprise customers, worldwide. Their mission is to help everyone develop a Connected Future.

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Smart watch IoT wearables preview

Smart watch IoT wearables

Our client is an American multinational social technology company. It builds applications and technologies that help people connect, find communities of interest, and also grow businesses.

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Instant payment app preview

Instant payment app

Our client is a famous UK telecom provider with headquarters in London. The company provides fixed-network and mobile services to 17M+ customers in the UK, 650k+ home broadband customers, and 500+ retail stores nationwide.

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AI chatbot powered by GPT model

AI сhatbot powered by GPT model

Our client is one of the subsidiaries of the largest telecommunication holding in Japan, ranked 55th in the Fortune Global 500. The company provides one of Japan's largest internet access services and mobile communication services.

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Remote Radio Head (RRH) controlling software preview

Remote Radio Head (RRH) controlling software

Our client is a manufacturing solutions provider with over 260,000 employees across 100 locations in 30 countries. One of the client's divisions needed to develop embedded software to maintain, calibrate and control the RRU hardware.

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Database and security solution preview

Database and data security solution

Our client delivers innovative database and data security software to customers worldwide. The company implements real-time monitoring, data masking, and sensitive data discovery, and secures sensitive data everywhere in the clouds, on-premises, or in hybrid environments.

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Data protection solution preview

Data protection solution

A global company founded in Switzerland, providing cyber protection solutions for customers worldwide in 150+ countries. The company belongs to the top 100 coolest cloud computing companies of 2022 as per CRN’s selection.

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Blockchain platform for a mining startup preview

Blockchain platform for a mining startup

Our client is a unique Blockchain related startup in the raw materials industry. In partnership with Google, Cisco, SGS, Volkswagen, and Minsur, Minespider implemented several successful cases highlighted in the media.

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Bus ticket booking app preview

Bus ticket booking app

Our client is a multinational public transport company with headquarters in the United Kingdom. The company operates bus, coach, train, tram, and waterbus services in 14 countries across Europe.

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Healthcare app for seniors preview

Healthcare app for seniors

Our client is a rapidly growing US-based healthcare company that specializes in remote patient monitoring systems for seniors. Their advanced solutions enable caregivers and healthcare professionals to remotely track and monitor the well-being of elderly individuals, enhancing the quality of care and support provided.​

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Health and fitness app preview

Health and fitness app

Our client is a prominent healthcare startup based in the United States, recognized for their widely acclaimed health and fitness app and a range of associated devices. Their innovative solutions have gained significant popularity in the market, empowering individuals to enhance their overall health and well-being.

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Face analysis application preview

Face analysis application

Our client is a Japanese company that provides photo services at schools, kindergartens, camps, and various children's events. Our client was in search of a professional face recognition app development team.

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Vehicle hail scanning system preview

Vehicle hail scanning system

Our client is an automotive startup with experience in 3D scanning. Our client developed a scanning system for assessing the scale of damage to vehicles after harsh weather conditions, like hail.

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3D head reconstruction solution preview

3D head reconstruction solution

Our client is a creative design agency that provides branding, advertising, graphic design, and virtual modeling services for individuals and corporate customers. The agency has its own in-house souvenir production.

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Travel website for a leading tourism group preview

Travel website for a leading tourism group

Our client is a leading tourism group that operates worldwide, with headquarters in Germany. The company provides the whole spectrum of travel and tourism services and manages over 400 hotels, 5 airlines, and more than 10 cruise liners.

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Insurance app for real estate company preview

Insurance app for real estate company

The US-based multinational company with offices in the United States, Poland, Ukraine, and Georgia. The company offers technology consulting, data services, advanced analytics, automated and manual QA, commercial video processing, agile project management, application, and web development.

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Healthcare platform preview

Healthcare platform

Our client is a promising telemedicine startup based in Central Asia. They are committed to revolutionizing the healthcare marketplace by creating an advanced healthcare communication platform, enabling real-time video calls between doctors and patients, and offering various innovative features.

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Parcel Tracking Solution preview

Parcel Tracking Solution

The bar codes often get mechanical scratches or any other damages before reaching the sorting point. Defects obstruct the correct identifying of a parcel. The client needed to prevent the possible mistakes made by damaged bar codes and the human factor.​

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Video workflow software preview

Video Streaming Service

The project aims to provide a complete audio post-production ecosystem, enabling different people responsible for product creation to participate in the process in a remote manner.

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Personal wallet agent preview

Personal wallet agent

To help customers to get control of their finances, smooth their monthly cash flow and thus improve users’ financial satisfaction and raise their happiness index.

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Connected Cars X preview

Connected Cars X

Connected Cars X helps agents to set the smart coverage for aggressive drivers and help regular drivers to save on auto insurance. The solution consists of a Secure Telematics Hardware with OBD II interface, Secure Connected Cars X Platform, and a Mobile application.

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