Digital e-learning platform for kids and teens

A multifunctional and intuitive web and mobile solution that allows children to learn basic sciences quickly. Initially, it is made according to Swedish educational programs' requirements but is also localized for other markets. Website availability and support on Android and iOS devices help to expand the platform's user audience.

Project background

By definition, Edtech, or education technology, is an approach to increase the performance and results of educating students and kids. According to research, the EdTech market is expected to grow 2.5x from 2019 to 2025, reaching $404B globally.  

During the Covid pandemic, technology for learning and teaching assisted students in obtaining a comprehensive education online. Moreover, digital content is more accessible than printed content, which has a higher production cost. That’s why e-learning courses and programs are becoming popular among learners thanks to their cost efficiency, flexibility, and portability. 

This cross-platform edtech solution provides digital learning for children and young people. With it, children can study math, geography, and code through thousands of fun and educational exercises.  

  • Duration: June 2020 – Dec 2021
  • Location: Sweden
  • Industry: Education
  • Services:
  • Cross-platform app development

Business needs

Our clients, two childhood friends, volunteered free math lessons to neighbor kids when they were students. Later, they decided to create a helpful and fun e-learning platform for kids and teens with tons of interactive educational content for different ages and subjects. 

– Our client needed a digital learning platform to teach junior school children and teens some basic knowledge via interactive exercises and animated lessons.  

– One of the main requirements was the solution implementation as a website and mobile application so it could work on all devices and platforms. 

Product features

  1. Secure registration
  2. Natural user interface
  3. Studies catalog under the local education program
  4. Support of multiple content types
  5. Support of multilingual content
  6. Progress monitoring
  7. Gamification: rewards for task completion


CHI Software has developed an e-learning platform with a vast number of metrics. We have created a website and a mobile application for Android and iOS devices.
Our solution allows basic classes teachers and parents to:

– Teach junior school pupils under the educational program and present knowledge in an accessible form

– Involve children in learning mathematics, reading, writing, geography, and other basic sciences

– Organize the process of remote teaching for primary school children

Our technology stack

  • Flutter
  • Firebase
  • Mixpanel
  • TypeScript

Client values

  1. Our client has received a multifunctional and intuitive digital learning platform that allows children to learn basic sciences easily.
  2. This edtech solution is made according to Swedish educational programs’ requirements and is localized for other markets.
  3. Website availability and support on Android and iOS devices help to expand the platform’s user audience.

Employee testimonial

Employee testimonial
Oleksandr Artebiakin Flutter Developer

There are plenty of cool edtech solutions for grown-ups now. But when it comes to education platforms for kids, there is an impressive gap. Such solutions should be easy to use and have lots of interactive content. One more thing, they should offer the same great experience across all platforms. Our clients were looking for a development company to enhance their in-house team and help develop web and mobile versions of their product, an e-learning platform. Our team developed an improved product version with new functionalities and features for 3-year-olds and older kids. Those changes helped our clients increase the number of platform users and deepen user engagement.

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