Mobile app with an interactive AI сhatbot

We created an entertaining mobile app with an interactive AI chatbot. This chatbot has a 2D character, an emperor penguin, also known as Kopenchan, which always keeps a positive attitude. Based on the Tamagotchi principle, this penguin can be taught new words, and the more new words the user types, the more the penguin uses them in chat communication. The backend was on the client’s side.

Project background

A chatbot, also known as an interactive chatbot, is software that can conduct a conversation via audio or text. Businesses use chatbot technology to save time, human resources, and money while keeping their users entertained. As you might know, there are many text- and voice-based virtual assistants, such as Siri, Alexa, and Cortana.  

The chatbot market is predicted to reach around 1.25 billion U.S. dollars in 2025, a significant increase from the market size in 2016, which stood at 190.8 million U.S. dollars. The most popular area for chatbot implementation is customer service, of course. 

Our client is a leading Japanese telecommunication company. The main goal of this product was to add positive entertainment to the routine process. This chatbot has a 2D character, a penguin. Based on the Tamagotchi principle, this character can learn new words during a text conversation with the user.  

Our client was looking for a solution to:

  • Create a mobile application to cover popular mobile platforms;  
  • Improve engagement and customer satisfaction;  
  • Keep an easy-to-use chatbot interface with a popular character. 
  • December 2019 – April 2021
  • Japan
  • Telecommunication
  • Swift
  • Core Data
  • Fastlane
  • GoogleAds
  1. User profile
  2. Chat bar
  3. Vocabulary mode
  4. Home page
  5. Push notifications
  6. Chatbot training
  7. Free and paid subscription

Business needs

One of the main goals of the project was to add some interaction and entertainment to keep users engaged. Our client wanted to:

  • Improve customer satisfaction and engagement;  
  • Create a mobile application to cover both web and mobile platforms; 
  • Keep a simple and easy-to-use chatbot interface. 

The application is an interactive chat with an animated 2D character, an emperor penguin that always keeps a positive attitude. The app contains a home page, a chat bar, a vocabulary mode, and a user profile. The app character uses AI, implemented on the server-side. It can evolve while being used and apply new words saved in the vocabulary mode.

  • check
    The application character moves depending on the time of the day and upon the user's touch
  • check
    The character will use an AI implemented on the server side
  • check
    There are also push notifications when some news appears
  • check
    To chat and view news, the user is redirected to the web view
Client values
  1. We created and released a stable app version
  2. Our team developed an effective chatbot app for a variety of users
  3. We offered custom software development to meet all project requirements

Employee testimonial


It was an excellent experience for me to work on an interactive chatbot application for the Japanese market. I’m impressed by the project coordination team on the client’s side and the professionalism of a big distributed development team. Working closely with developers, we managed to improve the initial solution and develop new helpful functionality. What I like most is an opportunity to make a real impact and upgrade the customer experience for many end-users.

Mykhailo Hetmanskyi
Mykhailo Hetmanskyi Middle iOS Developer

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